ASYMMETRICAL TRAILERThe owners of a motorcycle with a sidecar often wonder about how to increase its capacity? The original solution to this question offered a reader of our magazine A. Tatarnikov in his article “Compliant trailer”, published in the “Modeller-designer” №12 for 1992. The design of its motorized with asymmetrical location of the node coupling and gauge coincides with the track of the tractor, has become quite popular among motorcyclists. Over the years, there are many versions of the famous trailer. Today is one of the latest and most interesting.

Article A. Tatarnikova read a few years ago. Loved the space arrangement of the trailer, moving exactly in the track of the motorcycle. By that time I already had a plot of land and a motorcycle “IZH-the planet” with a stroller. Many on the Planet do not move, so that additional cargo trailer was just necessary.
When I proceeded to close its manufacture, faced technological and financial difficulties. In design A. Tatarnikova often used turning parts, in particular sleeves of the rocker suspension. It was also necessary to purchase eight “moskvichova” silent blocks, four motorcycle rear shock absorber, electrical and lighting equipment. All this is not cheap.
So I decided, based on the idea of the author, to build a trailer of his own design. And one that can be done at home with minimal use of machine tools — with only welding machine, electric drills and plumbing tools.
Had to abandon the balance wheel suspension and use the torsion. Own hands to make the torsion is difficult, and I took two of the site of the old motorcycle side trailers BP-65. Collet attachment points to the frame of the stroller dismantled and put instead of them the stub and the housing are interconnected by six bridges. The distance 168 mm between the axes of the torsion bars and the respective wheels are found purely geometrically: perpendicular from the attachment point on a line connecting the points of tangency of the wheels of the road surface (with a combined track of the tractor trailer combination), divide it in half; the track width is 1,100 mm; the offset UEL coupling relative to the axis of the trailer — 225 mm, and the distance between the center of the node coupling and the axis of the left wheel — 1560 mm. was a good hard bridge.
General view trailer
General view of the trailer:
1 — ball joint; 2 — pole; 3 — reflectors (6 PCs); 4 — Board body (plywood, s 16); 5 — wing (steel 15, s2); 6 — lantern FP-132; 7 — bracket (STZ, rod Ø 10); 8 wheel (3,5×18″); 9 — bracket front mount (STZ, sheet s5); 10 — support front (steel 15, the tube 20x20x2,5); 11 — electrical connector ONTs-VN; 12 — circuit harnesses; 13 — bracket wing (STZ, strip 40×5); 14 — splash guard; 15 nodes torsion.
Diagram of finding the distance between the axes of the wheels of the trailer

Diagram of finding the distance between the axes of the wheels of the trailer.
Modified torsion trail unit BP-65:
Modified torsion trail unit BP-65:
1 — coupling the torsion shaft; 2 — shaft torsion; 3 — axis connecting rod; 4 — bushing flange; 5 — seal; 6 — rod; 7 — the buffer; 8 — bushing flange, small; 9 — body; 10 — adjusting bolt (3 PCs); 11 —the plug (STZ, sheet s5); 12— bushing shaft bearing; 13 — thrust washer; 14 — a lock ring; 15 — oiler.

1 — pole (steel 15, steel 40×4); 2 — scarves (STZ, strip 40×5); 3 — strut drawbar (steel 15, the tube 20x20x2,5); 4 — transverse beams (steel 15, the tube 20x20x2,5); 5 — spar (steel 15, the tube 20x20x2,5); 6 — hinge linkage of the rear side; 7 — jumper torsion nodes (STZ, the sheet s5, 6 PCs); 8 — node torsion; 9,13 — struts supports (steel 15, tube 20x20x2,5); 10 — rod suspension wheel; 11 wheel axle; 12 — front support (steel 15 pipe 40x20x2,5); 14 stand — up boards (steel 15, the tube 20x20x2,5).

Welded frame of the trailer is made of steel tubes of rectangular cross section, consists of a frame of the loading platform from contacting the sides of the drawbar with stays and supports, which are welded to the axle, reinforced also by the struts. The length of the front and rear struts depends on the side of the trailer — it is the left or right.
The body is made of plywood. Its front and side walls are attached to the posts of the loading platform by bolts and screws, and the rear (hinged) — on four outboard hinges. Homemade fenders of the trailer are welded from sheet steel and fixed to the frame with three clamps each.
The wheels are the same as motorcycle towing, equipped with drum brakes actuated from a foot pedal brake, with the cable runs.
And hitch is the same as on the trailer A. Tatami Cova (only instead of a tether used a steel chain). This device showed a good side — it’s very securely even when riding on a dirt road with a slightly overloaded trailer.
Electrical equipment of the trailer is made in a single-schema, and connects to the motorcycle via a connector mounted on the traction pipe of a motorcycle. Lights of Motopista—two integrated flashlight with “dimensions”, “the turn-rottami” and stop signals.
The trailer I became indispensable in the garden, the vegetable garden and the construction of a country house. Particularly pleased with his “obedience”: it exactly follows the track of a motorcycle, making it easier to manage motophoto and increasing its permeability.
Y. KHOLMOGOROV, G. And f e in a to

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