HANDLEBARS ON THE THREADThe reliability of the system control cord model aircraft is one of the most important factors of success in the competition. Equally important is m, as suspended from elevators and flaps. No backlash, ease of movement, vitality — these are the main requirements these nodes.

Sports and training models have proven hinges, made of ordinary nylon threads with a diameter of about 0.15 mm. in addition to them, work will need a jigsaw, a file, and cutting plywood or plexiglass with a thickness of 1 mm.
Cut out two plywood plates size 10X80 mm and zakruglenie file the edges. Clamp the ends in a Vice (the gap between the ends of plates 0.5 mm) and begin to wind the nylon thread. Tuck it in to have the eight turn to turn, slightly pulling. After filling the entire length of the plate workpiece with liquid Amalita. Do not be afraid that it is firmly glued joint, — the nylon thread is so good that retain flexibility after coating Amalita and paints. It remains to wait for the drying of the lacquer and suspension… done! Cut pieces of 10-15 mm and alleivate them in pre-prepared slots in the rudder and the stabilizer.
Manufacture of filament suspension components for sport aircraft.
Manufacturer of filament suspension components for sporting aircraft.
Gluing the hinges in the stabilizer and the Elevator.
Gluing the hinges in the stabilizer and Elevator.
Swivel stabilizer and rudder training airplane.
Swivel stabilizer and rudder training aircraft.
Such nodes, in contrast to metal loops can work with little distortions, they are not broken and tend to “survive” the model itself. In training aircraft where the tail surfaces are made of wooden plates, it’s easier to sew the handlebars directly to the stabilizer, passing the thread in pre-drilled holes in them. The ends can be conveniently mounted pointed matches dipped Amalita, the protruding ends of which, after drying, the pack is cut.

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