The modern concept of development in army units provides the transition to a combined arms brigade of several types:

heavy brigade with armored tank divisions;

medium and multi-purpose quick reaction brigade, ambulance designed for the transfer of the threatened areas of hostilities, the arms of which must be infantry fighting vehicles and amphibious tracked and wheeled;
easy movable brigade of armored vehicles.

In each of them in a particular number are in the service vehicles. Their main tasks are involved in convoys and the support columns, guarding checkpoints, patrolling, finally, Autonomous action in smaller units. Moreover, the task of fighting frequently occurs in the vicinity of the enemy, and then melee.
Local wars of recent times have forced the command of the Western armies to significantly change their views on the role of armored vehicles, including armored vehicles in the fighting. In one of the reports prepared for the NATO leadership, stressed: “there is a clear and obvious division into combat, tactical, transport vehicles. Nowadays, all these cars are fighting that combat missions, and therefore require equipping them with good armor and a powerful weapon system”.
In the example given the saturation of U.S. troops with armored cars НММWV “hammer”. They were armed with powerful and long-range 12.7 mm machine guns, automatic grenade launchers.
However, the “hammer” brought the American military in Iraq a lot of trouble. Machines were protected not only from grenades, but even from well-aimed shots from small arms, pierces the closed wall of the body. In actual combat, they were only able to patrol more or less calm area, without getting involved in serious conflicts with the militants. Therefore, the company AM General began to hastily set up production significantly more protected machines. Thus, there is a 4-door variant of the “hammer” М1151А1, with a more powerful armor of the hull sides, roof, undercarriage and removable peripheral bronsitei, enhanced suspension and 190-horsepower engine, and the pickup М1152А1 with bronekabel and increased to 440 mm ground clearance. Another variant of the pickup differed М1165А1 double an armored cab and short flatbed. When the payload of such vehicles within the limits of 1.4 – 2.6 t total weight is more than 6 t
The armored car
The armored car “Tiger” military units of Armenian army on parade in honor of independence Day. Armament – 30 mm automatic grenade launcher AGS and 7.62-mm machine gun PKT. Yerevan, September 21, 2011
GAZ-233014 STS. Preparation for the Parade in honor of Victory Day. Moscow region, April 2011
GAZ-233014 STS. Preparation for the Parade in honor of Victory Day. Moscow region, April 2011
These armored cars were vulnerable to mines, bombs and improvised explosive devices. And they took the armor protection. Therefore, the US army gradually began to replace humvees to armored mine-protected type MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected – “safe from landmines and attacks from ambush”).
So, armored cars Cougar (“Cougar” is”Puma”) and Buffalo (“Buffalo” is “Buffalo”) issued by the firm Force Protection, according to the military command in Iraq very well proven. The repeated bombings, there has not been much loss among the inmates crews. According to some, the potential volume of supply of similar machines for the U.S. army can make 20, OOO units.
Against this background, the domestic perspective is multi-purpose armoured vehicle FA3-233034 SPM-1 “Tiger” (Tiger) with the wheel formula 4×4 and its modifications.
The main contractor of the project was CJSC “Industrial computer technology” (FCT) Gorky automobile plant (JSC “GAZ”), participated in the development of the specialists of Arzamas machine-building plant (OJSC “AMZ”), Nizhny Novgorod aircraft building plant “Sokol” (JSC “NAZ “Sokol”).
Testing the “Tiger” took place in Gaza in 2002: it was collected the first five units. Then, in accordance with the technical regulations, the car has received the certificate of a category N2 vehicle, “having a technically permissible mass exceeding 3.5 tons designed for the transport of goods”, and the index of the GAZ-2330.
Then the plant gathered a second batch of cars with some technical modifications, modified interior and exterior styling. Already with an index of GAZ-233034 SPM-1 they were presented on the show the equipment at the site of TSNII-21 MO in Bronnitsy in August 2002, and later at the international exhibition MIMS – Automechanika-2002, held in Moscow.
In the same year, two “tiger” into pilot operation Moscow SOBR received after the “trial period,” the Ministry of internal Affairs adopted the decision on the order of the party of armored vehicles to equip the forces. Serial production of armored vehicles was established at an engineering plant in Arzamas.
The armored car “Tiger” has a classic bonnet layout. Welded spar frame, made of special steel with high strength characteristics, is mounted a body that attaches to it in ten points with bolts through the rubber cushions. The body itself is metal, welded from heat-treated armor devoutly thickness of 5 mm, and then subjected to the tempering to relieve internal stresses. He was so strong that it would be possible to design on its basis even frameless design.
On top of the car it is possible to install the heavy infantry weapons. For any danger of the crew firing through the open window covered with bulletproof glass (in the doors and on the sides).
On armored cars the initial series established by the Brazilian diesel Cummins 205 Is a 6-cylinder engine volume of 5.9 liters – in-line, turbocharged, liquid cooling, its power is 205 HP at 2500 rpm./min. Brazilian engine was replaced by a domestic powerplant, the announcement-534, diesel 4-cylinder, with a volume of 4.43 l turbo 190 HP at 2400 rpm./min, liquid-cooled. The engine is quite compact with dimensions – 820x720x900 mm and weight – 480 kg. the exhaust gas recirculation System EGR and the catalytic Converter with replaceable filter ensure the environmental indicator EURO-4.
VPK-233114 “Tiger-M” on the streets of Moscow. Rehearsal of Victory day Parade may 9, 2008
The drivetrain combines a five-speed manual gearbox, two-stage transfer case with inter-axle differential bevel, the locking force the splined coupling with electro, the coupling with a pneumatic amplifier; the axles with Cam self-locking limited slip differentials. A locking center differential activated by a button on the control panel.
Suspension independent torsion bar with energy-intensive hydraulic twin-tube shock absorbers and stabilizer bars, increased to 325 mm stroke suspension arms. Brakes – dual circuit hydraulic with pneumatic booster.
Built-in automatic control system, tyre pressure controlled electronically: the driver has the discretion to choose the pressure in them, depending on surface and road profile. By just pressing a button on the control panel, he can choose to 4.6 ATM for road blade, for 3.0 ATM for country road, 0.9 ATM for sand.
The design of the “Tiger” is able to provide comfort to the crew when driving on the highway at speeds up to 140 km/h on unpaved roads and rugged terrain selenoproteins.
Comparative characteristics of armored vehicles 4×4
Comparative characteristics of armored 4x4
Vehicle weight – 7400 kg, capacity 1400 kg, wheelbase -3300 mm, wheel formula – 4×4.
The crew – commander, driver and seven Marines.
When designing the car was a slant on the use of units and units, unified with the proven long-term operation of armored personnel carrier BTR-80 and armored car GAZ-39371 “Vodnik”. This was especially true of the chassis, the suspension.
In 2011 the exhibition “Interpolitech” in Moscow the public was presented a modernized “Tiger-6A”, the Developers changed the case of this model, leaving the old chassis and other technical equipment. The main attention was paid to strengthen the armor protection of the machine. Most importantly, replaced the steel armor of the hull more resistant according to protection class 6A GOST R 50963-96. This means that you cannot defeat from the shot, for example, is not from the AK steel bullet, and rifles with cartridge 7Б33 7.62 mm armor-piercing incendiary bullet B-32, and fragments 155-mm projectile, fired at a distance of 60 m. we Note that our protection class 6A corresponds to the 3rd level of the NATO standard STANAG 4569.
The office of vehicle. Left is driver, right is the commander, he has a display of a combat situation
The driving compartment of the vehicle. Left is driver, right is the commander, he has a display of combat situation
The troop compartment of the armored car
The troop compartment of the armored car “Tiger” with hinged doors. Depending on the modifications of the machine can accommodate up to seven soldiers with full arms. In open Deluxe fighter with a 30 mm grenade launcher AGS
Armored car GAZ-233014 STS
Armored car GAZ-233014 STS “Tiger” during the test on the sandy soil
Demonstrations of armored vehicles at the International forum
Demonstrations of armored vehicles at the International forum “engineering Technologies-2010”. The armored car “Tiger” on the obstacle course, Zhukovsky, Moscow region, July 2010
Demonstration of the actions of a group of fighters of special forces
Demonstration of the action of the group of fighters of special forces “Vityaz”, landed from the armored vehicle GAZ-233034 SPM-1 “Tiger”. Exhibition machinery “Interpolitech”, Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow region, 2010
In order to protect mine reinforced the bottom, put a crew of special energy-absorbing seats on the shock absorbers with headrests and seatbelts. Salon inside upholstered technical fabric such as “Kevlar”, flame retardant, and “exciting” flew into the splinters. In addition, imposed additional engine protection, increased armor on the doors, on the front viewing portion. In Windows put the glass with a degree of protection 6A, to increase the thickness of the windshield. For faster and more smooth landing in the housing has mounted two additional side doors; thus, the model became a four-door. Further, in the rear compartment is equipped with an indoor awning for the transportation of special cargo; here it is possible to accommodate a further two people.
Armored car “Tiger-6A” is a four-wheel drive car with the wheel formula 4×4. Combat weight is 7100 kg, engine power 215 HP allows speeds on the highway up to 125 km/h, maximum cruising range – 1000 km.
In Arzamas plant has developed another model under the symbol VPK-233114 “Tiger-M”. In the design of the car, improvements have been made, enhancing its performance, usability, reliability, armor protection.
“Tiger-M” and “tiger-6A” is the domestic diesel YAMZ-5347-10 with a capacity of 215 HP axles – with forced locking gear differentials, which significantly increases the maneuverability on soft ground; new brakes with increased braking performance and energy consumption; installed auxiliary “mountain” brake with additional devices off the fuel supply to the engine and a throttle in the exhaust pipe.
The car has electric winch, filtering installation HLF-100A-24, air conditioning, preheater pzhd-16 to allow starting the engine at temperatures down to – 50°. Sunroof replaced with hinged square shape.
The combat weight of “Tiger-M” – 7800 kg, payload 1500 kg, trailer weight – 2500 kg Maximum speed on highway is 125 km away. the Crew – 9 people.
The armored model GAZ-233014 STS “Tiger” could be called special combat or army. On its roof is installed a turntable on which is placed armament: 7.62 mm PKM machine gun or a heavier 12.7 mm large-caliber KORD, or 30-mm automatic grenade launcher AGS-30, it is Possible to use anti-aircraft missile complex “Igla” or “Strela-1”. A large hatch located near the platform so that two crew members simultaneously unable to fire in two directions.
Inside the machine there is stowage for ammunition cartridges, designated for attachment of personal weapons, machine guns, grenades ahead on the tunnel transmission shaft for mounting the radio and the lock radio-controlled explosive devices.
Armored car weight – 7200 kg, payload 1500 kg, the maximum speed is 140 km. the Car can move on a slope with an acceptable roll to 30° and to overcome a Ford deep up to 1.2 m; the minimum turning radius is 8.9 m.
Kshm R-145БМА — command post vehicle
Kshm R-145БМА — command post vehicle
VPK-233114 “Tiger-M” in the front column in red square. Victory parade may 9, 2008
The crew of 2 people and 8 Marines.
Front on the roof and on the aft mounted powerful spotlight-seekers, controlled remotely.
Armored “Tiger” – multi-purpose. They are intended for transportation of personnel of military units and transportation of special cargoes, installation of weapons and military equipment, tow trailers and light guns, as well as patrols; used cars and as operationalizing the interior Ministry.
Armored cars are commercially available in several options; SPM-1, SPM-2, and army command-staff vehicle.
GAZ-233034 SPM-1 – operationalizable machine interior;
GAZ-233036 SPM-2 – operationalizable machine interior increased protection;
GAZ-233014 STS – army version of the armored car;
Kshm R-145БМА – command post vehicle.
It should be noted that in addition to armored models developed by the so-called civil modification “Tiger”. This, for example, the GAZ-2975 -three-door station wagon; GAZ-23304 – wagon, five-door with rear hinged doors. The model GAZ-233001 is a four-seater car with a body “four-door pickup”, GAZ-233002 – double two-door pickup with swinging doors, loading platforms,
All these civilian versions are also all-terrain SUVs have the same chassis and suspension as the army’s armored vehicles.
Information information, by the beginning of 2012, various versions released more than 500 armored vehicles to the interior Ministry, FSB, Ministry of defense, To the period in the units of the Ministry of defense operated about 200 cars.
According to managing Director of the Arzamas plant, Zolotarev, new orders of the military will significantly increase the production of armored vehicles. Among the nearly 1,000 pieces of equipment that the plant will release in 2013, will be made almost 150 “tigers”.
Commander of the airborne troops Colonel-General Vladimir Shamans at a press conference in RIA “Novosti”, in February this year noted that his troops “will create a segment of the automotive military equipment on the basis of cars “Tiger”, including “Tiger-M”. Today the Minister of defence has set the task: to rely on their own industry.”
As for the “competition” between the domestic armored cars “Tiger” and IVECO Italian with a Russian name “the Lynx”, it will give a full opinion of our Minister Dmitry Ragozin: “This is a different car, they do not compete. “Lynx” is not so wide, smaller, more compact and not designed for warfare. But her outstanding performance in bonusescasino crew. Therefore, the meaning of “Lynx” is to deliver personnel or Vice versa – smoothly, without damage, to evacuate soldiers from the battlefield. And “Tiger” is a machine for direct combat. There is more space and it is fit to out of it to fire. At the same bonusescasino “Tiger” to the degree weaker, at least in the current version”.

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