LONG LIFE MOTORIn such technical sports, such as motorcycle, automotive, karting, and beginner athlete and the more experienced master in competition or in training often have to drop out of the race due to technical defect of the engine, in particular breakage of the crank mechanism.

Sports cars such as cards, commercially available two factories are the engines of motorcycles “Kovrovets”, “Sunrise”, M-105, M-106 with an engine capacity of 125-175 cm3. The engines of these brands do not meet many requirements that are presented to them by athletes during competitions and training. When working with maximum loads output frequent cause of engine failure is bearing lower crankshaft journals, appearing at critical moments in the conditions of insufficient lubrication.
At the Kharkiv regional station of young technicians, in the laboratory of autocostruzione designed and manufactured a prototype two-stroke engine with forced lubrication system of the lower connecting rod bearing. The principle of this system lies in the fact that the oil is fed to the lower connecting rod bearing not the pump, but due to dilution in the crank chamber.
Experimental work was carried out on serial domestic motorcycle engine M-106. By extrusion of a finger-connecting rod crankshaft can be disassembled into five basic parts: left cheek, right cheek, connecting rod, cage and roller, a native of the finger. Then, in the left cheek of the crankshaft is drilled a radial hole O 3.5 mm; its axis must cross the axis of the finger crankshaft crankshaft bearing journal and crank cheeks. In the root of the neck left cheek of the crankshaft, in the area of labyrinth seals, indicate instead .to the axis of the neck drilled O hole 2.5 mm. Due to the fact that the native finger crank mechanism is made of high-alloy steel and has high hardness, the drilling process is extremely difficult. Better hole to go to the electrospark machine.
Important role in ensuring the effective operation of the lubrication system plays the correct choice of drilling an oil channel in the root of the neck left cheek of the crankshaft. The channels formed in the labyrinth seal and the neck root should be the same at the time when the rotation of the crankshaft from the bottom dead point, the lower edge of the skirt of the piston coincides with the lower edge of suction port. At this point in the crank chamber of the engine produces the maximum negative pressure that is necessary for full oil flow to the lower neck of the connecting rod.
Diagram of the upgraded connecting rod-crank node
Diagram of the upgraded connecting rod-crank node:
1 — the cheek of the crank (right) 2 connecting rod Assembly with rollers, 3 — finger connecting rod, 4, 5, 9 — plug, 6 — cheek of the crank (left), 7 — a radical neck crank (left), 8 — labyrinth seal, 10, 14 — bearings, 11 — Carter, 12 — grease hose inlet 13 of the metering nozzle.

You need to make two new engine parts: labyrinth seal that serves for sealing the crank chamber and the oil supply in indigenous neck of the rod and fitting. The latter is mounted directly on the left half of the crankcase. It will involve the installation of a metering jet for regulating the oil flow to the lower end of the connecting rod to the crankshaft. For oil supply to the fitting should be made a separate reservoir with a capacity of 200 ml, connected to a fitting of an oil line. Due to the fact that the labyrinth seal is installed in place of the main bearing near the crank of the camera, you need to replace the seal gland on the bearing No. 204. By pressing the labyrinth seal is installed in a seat of Carter, which also O drilled hole of 4 mm and M5 tapped for installation of the fitting. You need the complete alignment of the holes in the labyrinth seal and the seat.
The oil tank is mounted in any convenient location, but preferably below the oil level it was above the level set on the crankcase fitting.
The proposed amount of oil with the correct selection of the metering nozzle in the lubrication system is sufficient for engine operation in an intensive mode when the mileage of 20-25 km.
Lubrication system crank mechanism increases reliability and service life of the engine at the maximum rpm of the crankshaft.

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