WONDER HORSEStrange trail remains for these sleds, rapidly descending from the mountain: the impression is that someone drove on one ski. And only bends on the side added short stroke of the second track. Unusual sports equipment, the construction of which is available to all lovers of breathtaking skiing the steepest slopes, has developed our reader from Magnitogorsk Sergei Chadin. Made of wood, the sleigh combines originality of design and ease of performance. For their manufacturing are required Board or thick plywood and a saw.

The secret of the sleigh that they are not two, as usual, and three runners. Rather, one main and two auxiliary; for something tells the author.
During descents on some of the sledges it is possible to achieve significant speeds. Even if the ground is only a thin layer of snow, ski sled slides easily on it. Both end of the snake provide an opportunity to maintain balance and control of the sled is carried out by tilting the body in the desired direction.
The material for the sled is plywood the following thicknesses: seat, rails and cross-members – 10 – 12 mm, skiing – 6 mm. the figures show the connection of separate parts with cutouts, waterproof glue and wood screws of appropriate diameter flat head. The hole in the details done to facilitate construction.
Tree-line sled
Tree-line sled:
1 – side left ski (right – mirrored); 2 – front side skis (2); 3 – the Central ski; 4 – hour Central-skiing; 5 – cross member (2); 6 – seat.

Tree-line санки2
Manufacture of individual parts it is recommended to start with the ski. First, it is necessary to cut a veneer strip of the appropriate size and give it the necessary bend. To do this, take a towel, wet it in hot water and wrap the warp. This makes the wood more pliable and easier to work (with the use of clamps or staples). You can then start making the rack-rails, we cut with some tolerance for processing, and cross members.
Finally, the Central and side racks connect with a finished ski. The final operation is the installation seat attached, and the runners with screws (screws) and glue. On top of him to lay a soft pillow of foam covered with canvas or leatherette.
Assembled sleigh paint, varnish. The bottom surface of the ski useful prosmolit, beeswax or ointment.

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