QUICK KEYWithout exception, all car owners sooner or later have to deal with repairing their vehicles. Well, of course, if this has to do “planning”, but nevertheless need to be prepared for emergencies and be prepared. Therefore, it is necessary to have the maximum number of tools required. In most cases, the basis of such a set is the set of socket wrench made of various domestic and foreign manufacturers. The proposed device will be able to complement this kit, and will expedite the repair.

The device is a flat handle with a rotating shaft. With one hand on the shaft made the eye for connection with a hinged handle, and with another — the ending of square section corresponding to the connecting sizes on exchangeable head end of the key. In principle, this place must all repeat the same on regular arm from a set, so depending on your existing key, you must specify its size. If desired, in the side of the square insert spring and ball to protect the head from falling while working in a remote place.

Keying is very simple, and in many respects more comfortable than a regular handle. The difference lies in the fact that twisting or spinning bolt or nut is not required to shift handle: you can work constantly rotate the drop arm. When tightening or removing the hard fastening force can be applied through the lever handle, lowering the drop arm in the down position until it stops.


Additional handle for socket wrench set

Extra handle for sets of Allen keys:

1 —shaft (steel, rod d22, L38); 2 — drop arm (steel rod d16, L100); 3 — handle (steel, strip 30×10, L220); 4 — clip (screw M5); 5 — spring (steel, d3,5, L15); 6 — ball, d3,5); 7 — axis arm (steel, rod d4, L22)

In the manufacture of the additional handle you can use a wide range of materials: e.g., steel, St.S or 45 steel.

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