WITH THE STROLLER UP THE STAIRSFor families where a young child, is not without interest, perhaps, will be the proposed revision of the pram. Quite a simple upgrade allows one person to easily raise or lower at an ordinary flight of stairs in doorways or subways.

The essence of the revision is clear from the figure. The main additional detail that you want to make, — the extendible frame with small rollers (wheels of a broken baby cars or strollers for dolls), In the retracted position of the frame is underneath and in front of the flight of stairs extends and is fixed in working position — in front of the stroller. With the approach of the main wheels to the first rung of the rollers of the frame be at the level of the third step and are getting used to it. Relying on them and lifting the handle of the stroller, moving the CE wheels on the first step. Now you can rely on them and tilt the wheelchair back frame with rollers will be on the next step, the cycle will repeat. The oscillation angle of the stroller does not exceed 12°, which does not mind being in her baby.
The only inconvenience is that and upgraded the stroller can not overcome the two top steps when lifting or beginning of the descent. Probably solved this problem, but due to the complication of the device.
Fig. 1. Upgrading strollers
Fig. 1. Modernization of carriage:
1 — body of the stroller, 2 — drawer frame, 3 — roller, 4 — front wheel.

Fig. 2. The scheme of movement on the stairs
Fig. 2. The scheme of movement on steps:
1 — position in front of the stairs, 2 — raised front part of the stroller, resting on the rear wheels, the rollers rolling on the step, 3 — raised back of the stroller, resting on rollers, rolling the front wheels.

The frame can be made of dural corners or tubes (e.g. from old clamshells), wooden bars cross-section 30X30 mm. its Dimensions depend on the dimensions of the stroller, so the diagrams the figures are indicative. Picking them up, it should be borne in mind that the height of the frame from the floor must be slightly less than triple height of stairs and the distance from front wheel to center of rollers — a little more than twice the width of the stairs.
The described device really helped me, especially when my wife had in my absence, viwsat the stroller with his young son for a walk.
A. NAZARENKO, engineer, Kiev

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