CHUDO-PECHKAIn one of the spring gear of the Central television can be enthusiasts of technical creativity familiarized with the universal camp stove, or rather, a kitchen that has designed and built an avid and experienced camper I. Maslov, living in the suburban Kaliningrad. The dignity he has shown development, compactness, ease of transportation, simplicity, security and efficiency. Many would like to have this baking published its design.

In the tourism campaign, as at home, wants to eat delicious. Tourists, going on the road, take all kinds of pots, pans, grills, smoker boxes, and more. This kitchen utensils even in a compact size takes up a lot of space. In addition, cooking in the same pot requires the cultivation of an open fire. In the forest it sometimes leads to unnecessary cutting of bushes and trees, and in some cases to forest fires. That is why the fires are now almost universally banned. Especially in areas of mass rest of the workers.


These reasons led to the idea to develop a generic device which can be used to cook almost Luba” meals without damage to the natural environment. This device was manufactured in 1975. Eight years of operation showed that the stove fully meets the most demanding needs.
It is just a rectangular box it is bent from sheet stainless steel, 0.8 mm thick with the embossed to increase the rigidity of the walls of the rift. Butt welding seam is in the middle of the rear wall, it also welded the pipe to the chimney. The front wall is provided with a furnace door with a latch. Side walls: top — compression lid locks down — folding legs.
To the upper edge of the box by spot welding attached steel corners with flange: they increase the rigidity of the structure and serve as supports for pans and pots. Between the corners of the connected plates.
The bottom edge of the boxes are also reinforced corners and gussets, spot welded. They serve as a support grate mesh sheet heat resistant steel with a thickness of 1 mm.
The box has a removable cover, equipped with a folding carrying handle, a gas outlet hole with the flap and the hooks under the cap locks. Cover, cut from stainless steel sheet, 0.8 mm thick and assembled by rivets and spot welding, densely sits on the crinoline of the upper edge of the box.
Set the miracle stove (factory option)
Set the miracle stove (factory option):
1 — small pot 2 — lid-frying pan, 3, 4 — scoops-tongs, 5 — skewer (6 PCs), 6 — removable cover, 7 — grate, 8 — pan. 9 — a large pot, 10 — flue, 11 — box 12 — bar grid.

Drawings for the manufacture of miracle-stove for simplified technology.
Drawings for the manufacture of miracle-stove for simplified technology.
Drawings for the manufacture of miracle-stove for simplified technology.
The drawings for the manufacture of miracle-stove for simplified technology.
The kit even includes: removable composite flue rough, large and small pots, lid, frying pan, tongs for them, the pallet and bars on the legs, skewers. All this is in the transport position folded in a box, with a lid, and bake with folded legs retracted into a case or backpack. The total weight of it is 5.3 kg.
The flue pipe is available in two versions: of bent steel pipe or roofing iron.
Pots identical in design and differ only in size — smaller is inserted into the larger one. They are made of stainless steel with a thickness of 0.6 mm using welding or stamping. Similarly manufactured cover-skillet and pan. Grid welded from steel wire Ø 4 mm.
What can you make with a camp stove? Yes, the same as at home: soup, soup, soup, rice, meat and fish roasts, mushroom, flour dishes, kebabs, meats, juice, tea… With equal success stove used for drying mushrooms.
Stoked its wood waste, dry trees. It is no exaggeration to say that the fuel consumption it is almost one hundred times more economical fire!
In a large pot, you can quickly prepare the first and second dishes, boil eggs, potatoes. In a small — to boil the tea, cook the compote. Cover the pot and pan at the same time, it serves meat, fish, vegetable, mushroom dishes, cheese, eggs and the like.
Bread. In a campaign not to protect it from seerstone. But do not worry: if one of the bowlers to put the pan with a quarter Cup of water at him — a lattice with a stale bun, five to seven minutes under the action of heat and water vapour are recovered and the freshness and taste qualities of bread.
Now about the smoked game, fish, and baked flour products. In the box set the small pot at the bottom of which sawdust, alder better. Above them is a tray of bars and game. The pallet prevents the fire in the smoldering sawdust, grease, and juice released from the game when smoked.
To obtain a nice Golden brown smoky products, and also for exception of bitter taste, it is necessary to open the vent hole in the lid, adjusting the lapse of the smoke damper.
When drying mushrooms is not the sawdust is poured and the tray is not set — one of the bars. Vent hole in this case must be fully open. By the end of the drying box cover open or removed altogether. You can dry mushrooms and easier on skewers.
They also cook and barbecue. For this out of the box it’s clean, grid-iron raise to additional support, the position of which is chosen empirically; poured it on the coals, and the upper section of the box, put the skewers with the meat.
After cooking all the waste — potato peelings, bones, fish scales, etc. — should be burned in the firebox, the ash as an excellent fertilizer to scatter under the trees to the Parking lot, there was no debris.

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