BELTS - LUGSWhich only tricks nor embark on the owners of automotive vehicles to prevent wheelspin, maximize traction from their mechanical helpers. Here and further weight gain traction at the expense of baletnogo of the goods and the transition to large diameter wheels and use of special (wide) tires with special raised tread, and even such non-standard technical solution, as a partial filling of the pneumatic chambers with water (“modelist-Konstruktor” No. 2, 1993). And, of course, vehicle wheels lugs, and a wide variety of designs.

Creating a homemade tillers and small tractors, came to the conclusion about expediency of use as the cleats are old and seemingly long-outdated… textronic belts. Especially for plowing when driving in bad weather very much on our lousy roads.

(Asphalt roads severe abrasive action, there belts not fit, and increase grip with “underlying surface” had other technical solutions.)

Now is not poluchaet
Now not poluchaet:
1 —wheel master, 2 — strap extropy, 3 — clip coupling (STZ, 2 PCs.), 4 — bolt clamping with nut (size — based on available opportunities and the type of the applied extrapage belt).

Mounted on wheel for a few minutes extropia lugs after road with a good surface just as fast and removable. And stored, say, in the trunk of a car or (mini-tractor, walking tractor), tool box, spare parts and accessories, preferably together with the clamping elements (clamps, bolts and nuts). In the absence of the latter can be used (for fastening textronix of lugs on trucks and tractors, other small tools) and wire. And screed it to perform better on lowered wheels that after a long time be tightly clenched cleats.
Sverdlovsk region

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