CHEST It has been over a year since then, as reconstructed roof rack for UAZ Valery PAL, as he again asked. This time he took the trunk in the trunk, but simply to say, a large metal box for installation on the roof of the car. The purpose of the chest is purely practical: to receive an additional amount for transportation of essential travel things protected them from rain. Metal versions are dictated by the natural desire to protect their “good” in cases where it is necessary to leave the machine unattended.

The idea of such additions to all-terrain vehicle was born at Valeria in the last season. Set travel Essentials on long trips, just no longer fit in the Luggage compartment of the cabin: sleeping bags, tent, clothes, fishing and hunting equipment, boat, supplies of food and water, gasoline – you name it! Accumulated more in the way of trophies and prizes!

My request buddy reinforced the message that he has and steel sheet size 2000x1000x0,8 mm in store.
Broken, more for appearance, I finally agreed, “Okay! Take your sheet and a pair of small chiseled hinges, and a suitable tube I will look at”…
That was then, and remembered the good word of the old metal beds: they have excellent bow from the backs – again, they came in handy!
The design of the chest is very simple – two strapping of pipes connected by a pair of hinges and equipped with two pairs of loops under padlock and protracted bolt. The bottom cover is welded in place.
Chest UAZ
Chest UAZ “hunter”:
1 – binding covers (pipe d35); 2 – rail bottoms (tube d35); 3 – swivel hinge (2 PCs); 4 – hinge locking (steel, sheet s4, x4); 5 – cover (stainless steel sheet s0,8); 6 – the bottom (stainless steel sheet s0,8); 7 – mounting plate (steel sheet s4, x4); 8 – restrictive brace (chain rifle)

Cutting steel sheet
Cutting steel sheet
Setting the trunk on the trunk
Setting the trunk on the trunk:
1 – boot; 2 – trunk; 3 – padlock; 4 – bolt M12 with nut; 5 – М6х35 bolts with nut and washer (4 sets)

Picked up in their “bins” four sets of matching bed backrest. Dismantled the tube and cleansed exfoliated Nickel and rust. Then cut four legs from the spacer 400 mm. Cook twice on two arms with two spacers, got two oval strapping. Their sizes are the same and are on the outer contour of 800×600 mm.
Put it in clamps and welded on the long side, again two hinge towards each other to a dance. Another long, but the opposite side is welded a pair of hinges for opening and closing the trunk.
Using a tape measure and a ruler, a Scriber is caused on the metal sheet, which dragged Valery, drawing and cut out the bottom. Resting along the fold line a piece of wood, bent and podkololi mallet edge. Then the same is fulfilled and the rest of the edge.
The workpiece is put in the bottom tubular rail and grabbed at the place of the main four parties. Angular petals are still clipped in place. After fully tacking and welding turned out pretty good: streamlined look, and stiffness sufficient.
Limiting circuit
Restrictive circuit
Trunk ready
The chest is ready
In the same way by performing the other drawing on the remainder of the steel sheet, – cut, billet cover and welded it to the upper harness.
Having tried almost finished the trunk on the trunk of the car, decided that it was better to place it not along and across! Since changed the mounting scheme, according to new estimates, had to be welded to the bottom patch plate with holes for mounting bolts, two with a protrusion to the rear crossmember of the trunk and two inside the additional crossmember.
The last thing needed to make for the chest – lugs tie-down chain with a lobster clasp for the cover. Will also be useful (and even mandatory) a pair of drain holes with a diameter of 10 mm on diagonal corners at the bottom.
After the sealant joints in the bottom and cover with sealant coated all primed and painted in black color. Note that the contacting surfaces of the studs should stick porous tape for sealing the junction of the studs and the interior space.
Attaches the trunk to the trunk with the M6 bolts through rubber gaskets. It is desirable to equip it with a durable leatherette case with a lingering lace: from dirt to beauty.
A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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