THE COMPRESSOR IS ALWAYS HANDYThe compressor unit can be, and is not so necessary equipment in the home workshop craftsman or car enthusiast the garage like a drill or vise. But when such a unit is available, it greatly facilitates certain time-consuming processes (tire inflation, for example), and sometimes significantly improves the quality of work (e.g., painting products with spray). Where work is carried out using air tools because the electric mechanisms (even with low supply voltage) applied in production safety work is strictly prohibited (flammable or explosive), the compressor just needed.

This compressor unit has established itself as if — the urgent need for it at the time was not yet, but in the “Arsenal” home workshop gathered several suitable for this unit assemblies and mechanisms.

But later units have served me well, especially when layered painting of a country house. Without him this work I would have spent time and effort is incomparably greater, not to mention the waste of paint and deterioration of the quality of work. But before and after this “global” for my job I occasionally have used and use the installation for pumping tires transport equipment (passenger car, truck), painting of large products, for pneumography when connecting parts are improvised structures, etc.

The main mechanism — double-cylinder air compressor from car ZIL-130. He became the “heart” of the installation. The basic forming and bearing element Assembly — muffler from KrAZ. In the installation it acts as a receiver and it is mounted on a simple frame from a 35×35 area, and it is all nodes and mechanisms. Under the receiver announced two cross-members from the same area (connected to the frame by a pair of pins each), and their ends are fixed four casters.


Pneumatic circuit of the compressor

Pneumatic circuit of the compressor:

1 — intake valve; 2 — two-cylinder compressor with drive from electric motor; 3 — valves; 4 — tube; 5 — receiver; 6 — transfer case; 7 — safety valve; 8 — manometer; 9 — branch pipe of the compressed air


Electrical connection scheme three-phase motor in home network

Electrical connection scheme three-phase motor in home network


To rework krasovskogo muffler receiver compressor was welded with plugs input and output ports. Then plug the outlet drilled two threaded holes М14х1 and screwed on Hermetica the two unions.

First has been mounted, and the intermediate receiver from the oxygen canister that he “intercepted” the moisture and oil in compressed air. But his work was not so effective and subsequently, I did a drain threaded hole in the bottom of the receiver-muffler, closed it sealed with a stopper, and the spray from the design excluded.

The drive of the compressor used three phase AC motor 1 kW with a speed of 1380 per minute, with the “triangle” with the windings redone to work with power from a household outlet with a voltage of 220 V. of Course, it would be better to install a smaller engine and a single-phase, but as is often the case in homebrew, used and adapted what they had.

To motor easy starting and warming up during operation, it was necessary to choose a starting and operating capacitor and plug them in accordance with this scheme. Launcher box is taken from the washing machine of the type “Kama”. Start engine as follows: first press the connect the starting capacitor, and then the main start button on the switch. After a set of engine rated speed button connect the starter battery is released. Stops the motor by clicking “stop”.


Compressor plant (General view)

Compressor unit (General view):

1 — compressor (ZIL-130); 2 — the frame (the area 35×35); 3 — relief valve; 4 — manometer; 5 — gear box; 6 — electric motor (three-phase, N = 1 kW); 7 — launcher box (from the washing machine “Kama”); 8 — capacitor; 9 — an intermediate receiver (oxygen); 10 — V-belt drive; 11 —the “stop” button; 12 — button engine start; 13 — button briefly connect the starter battery to the condenser; 14 — fitting the exhaust (supplies) of the pipe; 15 — 10×2 pipelines with fittings; 16 — exhaust valve; 17 — inlet valve; 18 — swivel rubber stake-(4 PCs); 19 — crossbar (area 35×35 2 pieces); 20 — coupling stud M10 (4 PCs); 21 — drain plug

The capacity of the working capacitor Bank is selected such that the motor does not heat up even after prolonged use. “Odnoklassnika” she is 25 — 30 UF. The capacity of the starter battery in this case from 70 to 100 UF. Criterion sampling is a quick revving engine. All capacitors must have breakdown voltages of at least 300 V.

On the motor shaft, for better cooling, installed a homemade shestilopastnye impeller within a protective cylindrical casing.

The transmission of rotation from the motor to the eccentric of the compressor with V-belt transmission by decreasing the number of revolutions is approximately three times.

To reduce the power consumption of the actuator (i.e., to facilitate his work) had little to alter the compressor. Instead of the regular head with only Two exhaust valves (for air intake had a hole in the bottom of the cylinders and had to be repaired) was established dural plate with four valves: pairs of intake and exhaust.


The unit of connection tubes and pitiya

The connection node of the tube and pitiya:

1 swivel nut М14х1; 2 — bushing; 3 — tubing (aluminum tube 8×1); 4 — М14х1 fitting (tee)

Piping connecting the compressor with the receiver and transfer box — aluminum mount diameter 6 mm piping with mechanisms — using standard aircraft fittings, angles, tees and coupling nuts with sleeves.

Transfer box — homemade, is an aluminum bar with a drilled at one end in the middle of the longitudinal blind hole with a diameter of 10 mm is connected through the fitting tube from the receiver. This hole fit three holes of the same diameter: two on top and one on the side. In one, the upper, equipped with a pressure gauge and the other with a safety valve adjusted at maximum pressure of 4 kg/ cm2 (4 ATM). In the side mounted outlet nozzle for compressed air.

E. Evsikov, Lyubertsy, Moscow region.

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