CITY BUS ZIS-155The replacement of the ZIS-154 was simpler to manufacture, but less capacious 8-foot ZIS-155 (June 26, 1956-ZIL-155), the design which used the elements of the body of the ZIS-154, and assemblies of the truck ZIS-150.

The model years of bus – 1949 – 1957. Length – 8260 mm, width – 2500 mm, height 2940 mm, base – 4090 mm, ground clearance -270 mm. gross weight – 10 190 kg maximum engine power 95 HP, speed 65 km/h, fuel consumption – 33 -37 p/100 km Tires 10,00-20″.
The location of the power unit – rear. The ZIS-155 was the first in the Soviet automobile industry introduced the alternator.
The bus had 28 seats, but could carry up to 50 passengers. Engine ZIS-124 90 HP clocked the car with full weight of 9.9 tons to 70 km/h.
First bus ZIS-155 was issued on December 8, 1946. By 1947 it was already made 80 buses.
Issued as long-distance version of the ZIS-155, 15 equipped with chairs aircraft type.
In Moscow some time operated trains in the composition of ZIS-155 with trailers made from old decommissioned bodies. In addition, on the basis of the ZIS-155 was produced the first Soviet mobile television station (PTS). In all there were 21 741 bus ZIS-155. ZIS-155 was also exported to Poland, East Germany, China, Mongolia and Afghanistan.

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