ELECTRIC VEHICLE The late XIX and early XX centuries – the first self-propelled carriages, steam engines and internal combustion (well, come on) electric! Incidentally, the first threshold speed in a 100km/h overcame it electric. However, then automoile developed rapidly and by the early 30-ies of electric cars were forgotten.
View to today. 1988 Toyota produces cars-the electric car (model Prius). The bottom line is this: You sit in the car, turn the key, move the control lever to position “Drive” and immediately (!) start the movement. What is you go – you don’t know. Usually small trips take place on electric. When the machine “knows” that the battery sat down, she starts the gasoline engine and charges the battery. Provided emergency case – if batteries sat down, out of gas – you pull the red handle in the trunk and (Oh, miracle!) batteries are full, you can go.

A similar situation was described to me in the US, where for 4 years such a hybrid mobile learning. Came across this model on the secondary market of cars (roughly 8.5 thousand $ 98 ? 99g.in.). Such developments have GM , and Europe has a lot of small (1-2 bed) electro – hibrido – mobiles used in the green areas or just on the Golf courses.

Let’s get back to the dominant trait of the personality of the author of the website – the desire to save.

To pay 8.5 thousand $for a right-handed Japanese miracle – the hand does not rise, and the wallet does not allow, and how much time, effort and money it will cost to assemble the vehicle on electricity in the simplest version:

ELECTRIC VEHICLE Estimates: 1.The body (bridges, plastic, handmade, with the documents) is $ 1,000. – pay attention to the weight of the structure. My without motor and battery weighs 350kg. This is important. – Homemade plastic car is not such a rarity as it might seem in the beginning. As recently as early August, in the newspaper “hand in hand” in the section “other” were sold. He who seeks will always find! (In the end – will stick together).

ELECTRIC VEHICLE 2.Salon. The two front seats of the car Porsche 924, rear seat cushion from Toyota Supra, 4m2 of carpet from the store and it all passed through the Studio, making the covers (all seats used.y.) – 400 $. – Your imagination can be limitless: there are lots of precious wood, fine leather and very expensive acoustic fabrics.

3.The power unit (b..). The engine from the written off and almost completely devastated the Bulgarian loader (3.6 kW, 84 V, 1400 rpm, 24 N·m) of $ 200. – Would prefer to use the engine 10 kW, 120 V – 650 $ – new, warranty. (any firm supplying spare parts for loaders).

ELECTRIC VEHICLE 4.AKB. Seven of them (12 ? 200 Ah), starter, Italian. In the wholesale firm – 2600 rubles/piece, the store – 4000 RUB/unit – do Not attempt to use domestic battery – nominal capacity you will receive only the first few times ( lead for battery must be fresh ore instead of ie melted the old battery, and in our country lead ores is not, in any case for the manufacturers of battery). – Ideally, you should use the traction battery for forklifts, but the price is higher 3 times! Why car battery costs $ 80, but for a truck (of equal capacity) – 250$, guess yourself (not difficult).

5.Different. Wheel width is smaller (rolling friction is necessary to reduce to min), however, the wheel provided its standard load prepeared, count, choose, with a small margin. The engine control unit. Options: 1)From loader new, relay, 6 speeds – 400$. 2)Thyristor adjustable – 1100$. 3)Huge rheostat – grandparents at the Mitino radiance (you are the ones who need it) – a few bottles of universal currency.

5)Personally, I am in 110% support of the friends of the electronics, trying to build the electronic control unit. Will – will tell.

Flange, soigneuse the engine and transmission (in my case – CAT VAZ 2101). Manufactured in the correct place – the company “Kardan-Balance” is$ 70. This thing is best done by professionals who know the specifics of the car – will tell you to do a rubber coupling or insert a cross or something.

ELECTRIC VEHICLE Plan-washer – coupling of the engine and gearbox. I managed to make it independently, but coastnet should be no worse than 0.2 mm, or tired to change the input shaft bearing and the motor bearings.

Total: Approx spent 3000$.

300 hours of working time per average qualification engineer. He’s a welder, he’s fitter, he’s an electrician. For the money and time I have: Machine weight 850 kg (4 persons), battery 84 In x 200 A·h, the Mileage of 200 km Speed: 60 – 75 km/h in a straight line, up to 90 km/h for short periods (for overtaking) or downhill. 35 km/h starts to move and accelerates to this speed in the uphill of 12%.

Feasibility study. The number of cycles of recharging to full capacity if used properly – to 800 times (from the advanced Italian, for a reasonable price). 800 x times 200 km = 160 000 km. the Cost of one charge, reduced to 1 km.

(200 A x 84 In)/(1000 n ) x = 25 rubles n – charge efficiency = 60% (0,6) – cost of 1 kWh (COP 90)

ELECTRIC VEHICLE So: 12,5 COP/km the cost of the battery, reduced to 1 km. (2600 rubles · 7 PCs)/ 160 000 km = 11,4 COP/km 24 kopecks/km.

The prototype of VAZ 2101 with flow rate of 8 l/ 100 km, AI 92 (10 RUB/l) 80 RUB/100 km = 80 kopecks/km.

Add to this the regular oil change, filter, adjustment of carburetor, ignition, valves, overhaul engine, finally … what happened? 1,2 RUB/km and 24 kopecks/km.

5 (five) times cheaper, ladies and gentlemen! 5 times!!!

Are there any questions?

One question I anticipate: “what to do with saved money?”

Another prognosticeski question: what do you think of GAI?

Answer: don’t know Yet. But in the US electric cars is, they went on the roads. On AZLK the electric vehicles are also available (2 models). Vases once, 20 years ago, riding in Moscow is rechargeable. Oise for military hospitals existed with electric motors. And even had a car (pardon) electraprobe. Now there is a truck ZIL electric with very good parameters. They were there, go … What, in fact, my car is worse?


Website: elektromobi.ru

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