FIAT-600In the early 1950-ies of the countries of Western Europe is flooded with a variety of subcompact cars: Germany — Heinkel-Kabine and Zundap Janus, France — Citroen 2CV, England — Mini, Italy — Bernardo and FIAT-600. Firm FIAT has a considerable experience of creating compact cars, its first mass minicar FIAT-500 Topolino firm produced from 1936 to 1955. The decision to replace FIAT-500 more modern model was adopted in 1951, and since 1955 has begun mass production of the model “600”. Quadruple machine with a total length of 3,215 m was equipped with a 21.5 horsepower engine and a top speed of 95 km/h.

Car with rear engine had a bearing two-door bodyshell and independent suspension (front — transverse leaf spring, rear — trailing arms and pru jinah).
On the basis of the “six” was produced very popular among buyers van (in modern terminology) FIAT Multiplan — four-door passenger car wagon.
In 1957, the engine power of “six” was increased to 24.5 HP and in 1960 a new version of minicars — the FIAT 600D engine with a working volume 0,767 l and a power of 29 HP the Production car was discontinued in 1970; in just 15 years the company has produced 2 590 000 FIAT-600.
FIAT-600: rear engine, 4-cylinder, in-line, OHV, the working volume 0,633 l, power 21.5 HP; transmission — four speed front suspension independent, transverse leaf spring, rear — independent, coil springs, trailing arms; brakes — drum; sleeps 4 persons; maximum speed of 95 km/h.

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