In this original design is just three of the furniture item. When folded, it is a stool — a comfortable place for an elderly person or child that can sit, obovate or removing shoes. However, it looks unusual — like a closed box. However if to open, lift one half up, the open shelf with horizontal panels inside and it will house shoes, sandals, galoshes, items of Shoe care. And the upper part is the table, which can be placed, for example, phone. In General, this versatile design will serve well in the hallway.

For the manufacture of transformable tables do not require scarce materials. It is suitable boards from old furniture, plywood with a thickness of 8-10 mm or chipboard.
Enough to saw of the respective size of the workpiece, and you can begin to assemble connecting parts of furniture parts, plug-in round thorns or cubes, depending on the material used panels.
Start with the bottom part of the tables, with its sidewalls. One of them mounted shelves and joins a second side panel, then bottom and cover.
Universal table
Universal table:
1,3 — sides; 2 — shelf; 4 — top.

The upper part of the tables easier: pre-bonded with the top side mounted on the bottom, which any loops (card, piano) is connected to the bottom half of tables, and the design is almost ready. It remains only to take care of the rear walls of both halves. If the table to be used as neededbecause wall, the rear wall is quite suitable hardboard or thin plywood; but it is better to use the same material for the rest parts. The dimensions of the countertops should be customized so that it does not interfere with the folding alignment of the halves.
In conclusion, it is desirable to give a design presentation. If you used plywood, you can paint or glue decorative strips them visible edges. Plywood panels it is better to carefully Polish and cover with a transparent or tinted furniture Polish to highlight the natural beauty of wood. And the harvesting of the chipboard is painted with any enamel paint — it will satisfy both aesthetic and environmental requirements.
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