It is designed for area in the suburban area, the walls of the house with a sun or, on the contrary, the shady side —where someone more like it. To set this headset comes with a table and two benches, and unusual in it that all of these items can be easily lifted and flat pack are fixed to the wall, hiding from the weather or just freeing up space on the court for other cases.

The basis of the set—top with two legs connected by a long Board, playing the role of a support crossmember for the benches. As a tabletop can be used a sheet of plywood, a wooden Board or particle Board of size 1500×1500 and 20 mm thick. Legs — wooden bruski section 20×40 and a length of 850 mm; to the top they join with card hinges as shown in the figure. The crossmember is attached to the legs of furniture bolts and nuts connection gives the necessary rigidity. Board dimensions 2000x250x15 mm chosen so that its ends fell when folding the headset both benches not having their legs. The other side of the countertop rests on screwed to the wall a wooden block of cross section 40×40 mm with which it is connected by a piano hinge, retreating from the wall in the thickness of the countertop—for free installation in a vertical position.
Two of the same, but shorter, bar attached to the wall as a support for benches, who represent the Board 1500x250x40 mm, United with the bars also piano hinges, offset from the wall by the thickness of the bench. The opposite ends of the benches freely draw on the Board-the cross legs of the table. It turns out that set has only two legs.
Wall table in a raised position
Wall table in a raised position
Wall table in the raised position:
1 — top; 2 — legs; 3 — clip-chopper; 4 — card loop; 5 — cross legs; 6 — bench; 7 — piano hinge; 8 — rails benches; 9 — bearing timber worktops; 10 furniture bolts;

In order for the entire set leaning against the wall, enough to lift one countertop. While the legs begin to deviate in their loops and their cross slip raise the free ends of the benches — all the objects are moving in a vertical position, going to the wall as a single flat pack. Here they are “waiting” clip-chopper, fixing the top, and hence the whole set.
Unfolding in the reverse order: by turning the turntables free the top and only holding it down the entire set down.
Development B. NEVSKOGO (for foreign publications)

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