How to deliver a car to rent?

How to deliver a car to rent?Today we will discuss the question “How to deliver a car to rent?” and that is necessary for business organization. What are the benefits of this business? Who needs to rent a car? In Western countries, car hire is a common service, it only develops, but it begins to be popular.


Today we will discuss the question “How to deliver a car to rent?” and that is necessary for business organization. Skeptics may ask: “Why do you need to rent a car, so most have your car?”, but oddly enough, there are many people, who for various reasons need a good and presentable car, among the main reasons:

  • Own car is being repaired, and go on public transport there is no desire, a taxi is expensive, and not always practical;
  • The man arrived in a strange city, your car is left at home, and will have to travel a lot around the city;
  • The guy wants to “show off” in front of the girl. And his car is still there;
  • The businessman should show your presentation in front of partners and customers, to do this, it takes a presentable car rental;
  • Some are planning to buy a car, but to make sure it how it fits for them, future owners take car of the same brand for hire;
  • Often small companies profitable, keep its own fleet, it is much easier to contact the company that offers to deliver a car to rent.

Renting a car to rent as a business

To begin with, what are the advantages of this business:

To start a business you will need a minimum capital, as long as your order was a few (or even one) car in excellent condition. If renting a car to rent, the business will be competently organized, in the future we can expand the fleet of 10-20 cars of different classes. Special popularity of luxury car rental in Moscowand other major cities of the country.


You are not required specific knowledge and skills, it is probably more important organizational skills and skills of search of clients.

For business do not require a lot of time, so you will be able to work in the main job. Giving your business a minimum of time.


To decide if renting a car to rent as a business a profitable business, we look at the statistics. In 2012, the lease was listed as 27 000 vehicles, 2/3 of which were Moscow and Saint Petersburg. On average, one car brought its owner a 70 thousand rubles. month. After these numbers I think it is worth pondering how to deliver a car to rent.


Before you open a case, you must write a business plan. To arrange rental cars must be on the account and choose what type of taxation you will use:


If the car is leased, then it is best to choose the cost of 15% of the difference of income and consumption;

If the car was bought under the contract on sales – 6% tax on profits;

It is also worth considering the patent system, each region is their own.


The important point in the organization of renting a car to rent business is a contract between you and the client. It needs to be spelled out various conditions and situations that may arise with the car: the breakdown, dressing, washing, fines and so on. The contract clearly specifies who and what is responsible. If accidents or theft occur without a contract, the employer auto you do not legally have to be, and insurance is not always a lifeline.


To organize a fleet of budget cars, for example, of the “Renault Logan” or “Chevrolet Lanos”, the domestic cars are in great demand and the price for them is quite low. If you are lucky, you will be able to purchase a used car in excellent condition.



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