A 400M

A-400MMilitary transport aircraft, being developed by “Aerospatiale” (France), “British aerospace” (England), DАSА (Germany) and CASA (Spain), intended for the carriage of goods weighing up to 32 tonnes, including 120 equipped troops, helicopters an-66 Tiger, NH-90, as well as artillery guns, in particular, howitzers М110А caliber 203 mm jet systems of volley fire. The power plant consists of four gas-turbine engine with propeller fans. The aircraft is equipped with a system of refueling in flight. Four wing-mounted nodes possible suspension assemblies refueling aircraft fuel in flight or containers, electronic countermeasures.

The first flight of the prototype took place on December 14, 2009 currently the car is undergoing flight tests.
Engines — EPI TP400-D6 with a capacity of 11 000 HP a Wingspan of 42.36 m fuselage Length with a fuel consumer boom — 41,5 m Height of 14.68 m. wing Area — 221,5 m2. Maximum takeoff weight of 130 tons empty Weight is 76.5 so the Maximum weight of the payload 37 t fuel Weight — 51,4 tons cruise speed — 750 km/h. Practical flight range with payload of 30 t — 4444 km, maximum of 6600 km, ferry — 8797 km, Required runway length — 1700 m. the Crew of 2 — 3 people.

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