EKRANOPLAN In 1987, the water came down, “LUN” the first ship of the series of combat missile-carrying wig weighing 400 tons was the Chief designer V. Kirillov was. The ship was armed with three pairs of cruise missiles 3М80 or 80M “Mosquito” (NATO designation SS-N-22 Sunburn). The second “LUN” is also laid as a missile, but the outbreak of the conversion has made adjustments, and it was planned to build as a rescue.

LTH:Modification LUN
Wingspan, m 44.00
Length, m 73.80
Height, m 19.20
Wing area,m2 550.00
Weight, kg
empty aircraft 243000
maximum takeoff 380000
Engine type 8 turbojet engine NK-87
Thrust, kgf 8 x 13000
Maximum speed, km/h 500
Practical range, km 2000
The altitude on the screen, m 1-5
Seaworthiness, points 5-6
Crew 10
Armament: 6 PU ASM ZM-80 Mosquito

It was created in the CDB Alekseev them

The weather was atrocious ,so the photos faded,but it is what it is: that is.











I would be all very grateful for corrections,additions.I would really like to find stories of people who walked or flew on this technique.Can someone thread briefly retell RLE?

Because they found something like:
In principle, almost the same story was with the familiar litehas with a wig. It is only after a young school immediately got on the car Navigator. As he told me fear had suffered-which says there is a course to lay, noise , rumbling, shaking, nichrome is not visible, in a head one thought -if only alive to crawl out. Was never able to get used to it-wrote off

Also I would be grateful if someone tell me how the topography can be screwed books?

Add the information dug up in the forums,maybe the other is not:

I am a reserve major of Dolotkazin Ravil.Served 1980-1991 gg Base in Kaspiysk.
236-Division Of Ships Of Wig(In/HR 30960),The Caspian Flotilla.
11-OAS(IN/H 49201),THE AIR FORCE FLEET.(also a wig).
It consists of three Marine Amphibious Ekranoplan 904 Ave,,EAGLE,, one Naval Missile Ekranoplan 903 Ave ,,HARRIER,,(for classif.NATO fighter
After 1991—-Sami does..

In Kaspiysk,on-site factory Dagdizel, was an experienced branch TSKB on SPK.Airfoil was built in the city of Gorky and in polurazobrannom form,shrouded and with a strange design,on the Volga,at night,offshore tugs,dragged to the Caspian.Then on the branch of the plant they were collected and brought to mind. On conducted tests,experienced shooting and experimental flights,experienced a drop Marines or military equipment.
Currently,Sea Rocket Ekranoplan 903 Ave ,,HARRIER,, still stands in the city Caspica and rust. Experienced and last flight,the last held in the summer of 1989 with an experienced live fire in flight and afloat.More,he is unlikely to again rise into the air.The chances are=0.
Of the three Amphibious Wig 904 Ave,,EAGLE,,1)-cut on metal.2)Crashed in 1991,purely the fault of the commander K. K.,the winged not and I know all the little details of this case,well, it’s a different story.3)fortunately survived and at the initiative of the Mayor of Moscow ,Yury Luzhkov,MDE,on the Volga, along rivers and canals,moved to Moscow at the Khimki reservoir(metro station Skhodnenskaya),in the Museum of the Navy,there he found his last resting place.Currently,it proudly stands there with a submarine and patrol boat on air cushion.

And nothing. KB Alexeyev after it was refocused on the testing ground near Chkalovsk now puffing a small private candle factory, compose a small ekranoplanes and trying to peddle them abroad to third countries.

1)-25 – cut for scrap with me and with my participation, back in ‘ 99(maybe 2000, I can’t remember).
2)-21 – I crashed in August 1992, I think 28 th at fault KK(name I will not name – who in the subject, he knows). Killed one mechanic.
Killed my friend: senior warrant officer Abdulhamid of Bamatov.It according to the staff of the workplace,was in the cargo hold.In the water, I found only one leg,with the Shoe in camouflage.And buried.Eternal memory to him.
3)-26 – now in Moscow.

Let me make a correction.,,ORLANCI,,:1).Construction hull number s-21,combat tactical tail number 610.2).Accordingly:-25,630.3).-26,650.
,,HARRIER,, Construction Board room-30.
PS. He served in Kaspiysk from April ‘ 99 to July 2001 as the PAC e/p “LUN”.

crew:Pilots…although one time the aircrew were supplied by the marine norm and the title was sea – ensign, Lieutenant, captain, 3rd rank etc.

the title was a naval – ensign, Lieutenant, captain, 3rd rank etc.
Military rank,clothing,special. nobody changed.One was a MAS(vojensky accounting spec.),they have remained.And from 3P.-there was only one bastard and the officer.
A naval military rank was written only in owls.the secret of how to fly,according to the rank of a seagoing ship.(Type KK-,,EAGLE,,-К3р.,,Harrier,2R.,and it was just KK, as in the Navy,and he sat not at the helm,and behind the lion.the pilot,and apparently I was supposed to lead,over the actual KK-ie the lion.the lötschental. and everyone,LUN, during the firings, etc.).There just pilots,for some reason,was called the driver.,,KK,-1st driver,,,GAC,,-2-driver.The rest as is.
The pilots,instead of the ZS,had the tank headsets.Instead of SPU was TPU(tank Beregovoe device). In flight,originally could say only KK and Navigator.And through a complex switching QC – can speak with other members of the crew.
Of the pilots who served there know Bryntseva, Arzumanova, Korobkina, well, a couple of people I know in absentia – Tagirov and Loginov.

Wig ,,ORLANCI, in principle, fly like planes,but only at a height of 1-10 meters,according to the flight manual, and V=до385 km/h,max.Kazan engines,after 5-8 times of repair,more pulled.
But,I do not fly as s-t,at high altitudes because:
-there was a tall equipment(aneroid-membrane pointing devices height,parachutes,escape systems…).Device speed indicator,the Altimeter was up to 10 meters.RV-10.
-Also because of its design,ie,due to the aerodynamic configuration of the wing,primarily designed for the movement of the wig,near water or another surface.
Know about it just a few people,but in a year,about 1983-85 G. G.,we, in the mode of mystery and secrecy, at your own risk,without any coordination and permissions several times, ,,quietly,,,raised ,,EAGLE,,s-21, purely visual and is roughly, about the height of 300-500 meters,(but
before each departure, K. K., Y. G.,separately and individually,one on one,always ask the consent of each member of the crew on such a dangerous mission,everyone had the right to unsubscribe from such a flight,but none refused),the weather and visibility were fine, fly 20-30 minutes.According to KK ,he com.in/HR(YG-a very competent and experienced pilot),the airplane,at this altitude,poorly obey the rudders,especially the Aileron-flaps, and absolutely unstable in the GP,its always somewhere to pull,there is the constant threat of slyvania sideways or into a spin.T.E. the steering wheel should be held firmly , constantly,fight, and fend off the rudders, these deviations and perturbations.
But,he was stable and beautiful when flying close to the screen.
The project,LUN,moreover, could not climb to such heights.
Well…I know a little more than “a few people”))))))
These “experiments” and I was told, but the figure was slightly less than 100 metres…..
But not in the numbers business, there really is no altimeter, and over the sea come eye define – is 100 meters or 300))))

The first military crew,EAGLET,,,s-21.The year of 1979.
KK-to-n of Lense,1947,p. (it came from Kamchatka,be-12),the PAC-K-n Sitnikov,born in 1955 VVAUL.,(he came
from the Spit,the Baltic sea,be-12)…EA.-to Mr. Bratchikov-1948 from Severomorsk,IL-38.,BI-K-n l-t Semenov 1951,a former CU-5,LVMI them.VIL,..radio Operator-PR-Tomilin from cachi,an-26,….BO-PR-to Kovpak,,…BM-PR-kapustian.,EB-Midshipman Winter..NOT the crew of the RP-TO-N USHAKOV,FROM KACHA.We
then was part 369 IAD and conservation of the ships and directly subordinate to personally KKF and the CinC===========.It was a Golden time and the Golden flight.While we BBC show,and then it went upside down.

Don’T agree with You and myself too,it is possible to use as sea and ocean lifeguard,depending on weather conditions the boat powernote,refining and strengthening some of the landing units,aggregates and elements of wing mechanization.Especially flaps.When landing on a big wave,they were wrong.

That’s it,the expenses,the minimum,required the construction of expensive runway and all associated with it.Preplant preparation for landing and the landing itself,with a 1-5 metre altitude on the water,takes a matter of minutes.On the water at planing,you can come safely any object that came near,practical,earnest.And immediately next to Vzleti without losing not seconds.time.Takeoff from the water is 65-75 seconds. V separation with water=225-230 and you are flying.

The “Eaglet” seaworthiness 2-3b, but “Harrier”(respectively the “Rescuer” also) 5-6b.

Modern radars can be.But,In 80 years,we have worked on this topic,tried.In Makhachkala on the top of the mountain Tarki-Tau,was stationed special.missile division at low-flying targets.WE Closely worked together.Flew In to the work area radius of the radar.Sometimes they are visually and through optical components.CP-VA , we see,on the radar there.

I assure You,if MDE , the EAGLET, could take on Board up to 150-200 people(1984 Personally shipped).
BUT ,If ,,KM,,the task was,for what specifically,KM can take on Board people ,he would ,with his 8 engines,would take as much as necessary.I tell you ,I can report that the workers spent all day loading sand bags to set the carrying capacity.And after each flight all were loaded and shipped.So he kept flying and bags.

By the way, the main difference and advantage of wig in front of the aircraft, is a great aerodynamic quality. From Orioles it is 25. (something similar – EN-2 – has a quality all 10, the An-124 Ruslan – 18) Apparently, the larger the wig, it should be even more!

80% of equipment is the autopilot,hydraulic system,system permanent and puremango current,RTS, cannon,ROCK-M,,,,,SPU,navigational equipment, it was made by enthusiasts and craftsmen,not under normal conditions,plants,and where to hit and what you could get and push for a wig,and. instances,Zip was missing from the factory did not give us a normal turbojet and turboprop,they were 5-7 after repair.In AP they are not postovlyali,and we or take or nothing. There was no choice.

Ladies and gentlemen.When,8 – ball sea,as you noticed, not one master,will not release my dog in the yard.But,if you have the team,SOS,,,, then, the Winged nakraynyak,calm,can take off from the Bay at its base.We flew the usual route of flight without landing with incomplete refuelling:22 t: Caspian sea-Astrakhan lighthouse is 350 km Astrahanskii lighthouse Baku( Absheron Peninsula)-800 km,Baku-Caspian -450 km TOTAL:1.600 km per capita.(A complete filling-28T,and the rest of the flight parameters).Even if he is,as you say,will not be able to make a close fit.Then,V=300-380 km and N=10-18 m,at least pastelnye funds and mark the location of the trouble may be,no problem.And under safe conditions,and be able to sit down.The main thing is to not calculate the height of the wave and its length.

,,EAGLET, on the screen,usually after take-off,2 – nasal-starting of the engine ,sruzu on MG or 1 – MG,1-cut down. And so to the landing.Or 0.4,the other MG.Sometimes they are completely cut down.
Marching,feed the engine( main, A. L. S. 1 x 15000 ),in flight mode N=085 or 0.8.
2 APU(In-flight)single ,too, were cut.
Practical in flight,has one main engine and one APU,all kerosene only to them.A little negative pitch in flight,-01-02 grad.And super.This is the most economical mode.
Please take into account the time of release, and design for the turbojet,turboprop,70-80 years.Not modern, not economical,not modified,after 5-8 repair.
KM-for full payload,up to the end has not been examined.Existing studies show that,about 200 tons of payload.(Also please note,the release date of the turbojet engine,and all equipment and circuits were not,,,lamps and transistors,70 gg).Everything was harder.
And ,MRE,,HARRIER,,..-it’s all inside like a submarine,with three internal decks , bulkheads,and holds all monitoring equipment.(Still raketnoe).
In some places,going to meet 2 people can not leave.Then talk about the payload is not.


On Lunae and KME after separation on the screen of the 8-TRD, also on MG , 0.4,06.etc Serially and economically, changing the mode of TRD.

Yes, the ekranoplan was standing,large caliber , rapid-fire corbally tower machine gun ,,UTES-M,,,by some miracle,vmontirovanye in the Wig.
,,Eaglet, at the speed of 90-100 km,could go Out on a lightly-equipped beach for the landing of infantry,equipment,cargo.We had,for this,special.Item mobile Home for practicing for this task.It otrabatyvalis 100 times.

================================ LUN================================================

Experienced FILIAL z-da Volga ,CKB of SPK on , MRE ,,HARRIER,,,1988-89 G. G. repeatedly conducted successful research rockets in flight and afloat. Characteristics were excellent.The launches were carried out on marine spec.polygon.And not against anyone, they were not targeted.
could take infantry about 150 people or 2 BMP.

The ekranoplan,EAGLE Ave 904.. was the autopilot system :,,SHIFT-4, did the guys from PETER…designer DIOMIDOV…of their own plant,produced a razor blade:(who shave they need to know,blade CHANGE).t.to. aviation us nothing worthwhile ,is not allowed.Here guys and smasteril AUTOPILOT,called SHIFT.
But,despite this,the TTD of the autopilot,in flight mode (SAU)for was decent..it’s heading,ALTITUDE,PITCH,ROLL,but,for COURSE,need to monitor closely since he sometimes,in the ACS mode,a little bit,going out.And needed to be verified…(co-driver+ARC+b/radioman and all other……).


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