Su-25Dvuhdverny aircraft-su-25 attack aircraft designed for direct support of troops in local conflicts under conditions of strong counteraction of the enemy air defenses. The development the design Bureau of P. O. Sukhoi began in 1968, the First flight of the aircraft. piloted by test pilot V. Ilyushin, was held on 22 February 1975 and the following year started its serial production. The first experience of combat use of the su-25 was obtained in April 1980 in Afghanistan. Subsequently, the plane was used during the suppression of the rebels in Chechnya and armed conflict in the former Soviet republics. Was exported to many foreign countries. On the basis of the airframe of the su-25 created a number of modifications, including the training of the su-25УТ, carrier-based su-25UTG, and su-25ТК. Subsequently, the su-25 came the su-39, which, in turn, served as the basis for the creation of new modifications, more fully meet modern warfare.

The armament of the su-39, in particular, includes: a guided missile of class “air-air” and “air — ground”. The bench and bombs caliber up to 500 kg, including guided KAB-500, built-in cannon installation NPPU-8M.
Basic data su-39
Engines — P-195 maximum thrust kgf 2×4500. Wing span 14.52 m Length — the Height of 15.35 m. in the Parking lot — 5.2 m. Maximum take-off weight 21 500 kg payload Weight — 4000 kg. Maximum speed — 950 km/h Ceiling — 12000 m 11ерегоночная range of 2200 km Run depending on the condition of the runway is 600 — 700 m, mileage — 550 — 600 m

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