PLATE GLASSFloat glass is the basic product of the glass industry is a colorless , transparent, mirrored or tinted sodium-calcium-silicate glass manufactured by methods of float or vertical extraction without any additional surface treatment having the form of flat rectangular sheets whose thickness is small relative to the length and width. Typically use glass with a thickness of 1.9 to 19 mm.

For many centuries, when our ancestors emerged from caves to houses with a roof and walls, humanity has taken the task of lighting indoors. The easiest method of lighting was to use natural light. Thought Windows was easy, but the question of how to protect them from the penetration of cold agitated the minds of the ancient designers of many centuries. Before the invention of glass civilization has come a long way in sealing the window openings bullish bubbles, waxed paper or mica. Started production of sheet glass by the ancient Romans. However, before modern and conventional types of glass they were extremely far away. Manufacture and processing of glass held at that time a lot of time and effort.

Today manufacturers produce many varieties of glass: sheet glass, tinted glass, mirror glass.