MICROSCOPE FROM A WEBCAMTalk about making microscope with computer connection with an increase in 300-500 times.
This increase is enough for examining the cellular structure of plants, observing the behavior of the ciliates living in ordinary tap water and so on.
Required for the manufacture of the following things:
Webcam with manual focus (important!)
Melt. You can use the cheapest, 100.


Base, any design which can be made from what is at hand. For example, you can use designer, metal, for lessons, it costs only 148 rubles.
A flashlight or led light to illuminate the stage. The led is attached via a resistor of 1.5 K-3K (not less than 1.5 Kω) to the red and black wires inside the disassembled webcam, polarity can pick up empirically.

Looking for translucent and transparent objects, the illumination at the bottom of the stage. To investigate the structure of metal – put the backlight side of the lens.

To begin, review the two videos about the production of the microscope with your hands.


Under the lens have object table with a hole, which led. Solder the led through a resistor of 1.5 K-3K to the red and black wires of the camera, choosing the polarity that the diode lights up.

The height of the table to make the calculation that the distance from the lens will always be about 0.5 cm, is approximately the focal length of the camera lenses.

All our homemade microscope out of a webcam is ready.

Zoom depends on camera model and matrix. The higher the resolution, the greater the magnification. The matrix of 640×480 pixels, the increase will be 300-500.

By using a homemade microscope, you can do a presentation for biology lessons, to examine the polished surface of the metal, to engage in nanotechnology to take over the world.

Here are examples of what happens on the computer screen

Here are examples of what happens on the computer screen.



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