The command “Start!” and mixed performance on the race ahead on the highway. Very long lasting-in — 2-3 minutes, but during this time, the miniature machine will take hundreds of turns, each time changing the speed. You have to drastically drop it to moderate before the turn, and then give “full gas” at the straight portion.

Greatly luck at the time of arrival depends on the convenience and reliability of remote control. Although the simple this device is, however, not always the tracks give it due importance. We offer our athletes the most successful, in our opinion, design.
The remote control is a compact device with pistol handle and a kind of a trigger controller, which is coupled to a rheostat.
To make it, you will need two cheeks that can be cut from a laminate or PCB, and the casing is sawn from plywood with a thickness of about 20 mm.
To find the two rheostat wirewound resistor, 10 Ohm, designed for a capacity of 15 watts. Each of them in the area around 5 ml zashitnie you need to clean off the insulating coating in this area will slide the slider of the rheostat. Both of the resistor soldered to U-shaped brackets by which they are fixed in the housing. Ka initial part of each of the resistors (at a distance of about 10 mm from the end) Ni-chrome wire winding is cut off (cut needle files).
Remote trace model
Fig. 1. Remote control trace model:
1 — controller, 2 — body, 3 — rheostat, 4 cheek, 5 — connecting screw, 6 — cable, 7 — return spring.
Fig. 2. Controller:
1 — “trigger” (ЛС19), 2 — rivet, 3 — contact plate.
Fig. 3. Rheostat:
1 — resistors (10 Ω, 15 W), 2 — clip (brass, copper).

The trigger controller is cut from a brass plate having a thickness of 3-4 mm, after which it riveted two elastic brass contact engine rheostat. At the top, where there is a touch of engine and windings — contact plate should have a convex shape.
The trigger is fixed in the initial position return helical spring. Stiffness it should not be too big — it is difficult to control the car.
The panel is going on glue and screws M4 with nuts. In the area of the resistors in the cheeks and the body are cut vent holes as the resistor quite hot during operation.

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