SPLIT BODYWe present rocketmodeler development contains many non-traditional solutions. I hope that they will interest the creators of “microcosmic” technology of today and will be useful to those designing models for the future sports season.
Unusual division of the body of the model. The front part is the body is laminated of three layers of glass, of a thickness of 0.03 mm on a steel mandrel coated with a separating layer. During this operation is made and the fairing. Now he is one with the body, which makes the model stronger and reduces its mass.
For the tail use the same mandrel. Vyklicky after molding were put into an oven, heated to 60°-80° for 25-35 min.
To the case with loops of cotton thread is pasted rubber thread Ø 1.5 mm and length 45 mm. In the rear at distances of 40 and 50 mm from the aft of the slice is set on the glue frame and the plug, turned from balsa on a lathe.
Stabilizers — balsa, with a thickness of 0.45 mm, laminated fiberglass with a thickness of 0.03 mm on both sides. They are mounted on the enclosure in a special jig. The tail part is connected to the main housing with a cotton thread No. 10, taut rubber band.
Model class S6A.
The sequence of preparing the model to run: accordion-folded tape with one end inserted into the cavity of the tail part, the other rests on “the slingshot” on the case, then both of the details fit together and contrast nylon thread. The ends (a, b) hold the engine housing. This prevents mutual displacement of the key elements of the model.
At the highest point of flight after firing the lifting charge (4-6 grains of powder), the thread holding the tail portion in the casing burn through. “Slingshot”, which is nothing holding us back, pushes the tail part and the tape.
The model starts without the use of guide rings, with a special installation. Flight time to achieve climax for 7.5—8.5 s. Weight without MRD and tape 3-3,3 g. Apply tape size 110X1500 mm (up to 120X1700 mm), is cut in the shape of metallized polyester with a thickness of 25 µm. U-shaped profile of the laying of the tape is fixed by heat treatment. The weight of the streamer is 5.5—6 g.
Yury BATURA, I. VOLKANOV, Dnepropetrovsk

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