TIGHTSTights (from the Czech. kalhoty) is a kind of underwear, which is a pair of stockings connected to the panties. Is made of various elastic materials: silk, nylon, spandex, lycra. Are available in different colors and density. The most popular tights (for everyday use) and black (often as an element of the dress code).

Also available in knitted tights, special support (e.g. pregnant women), modeling pantyhose and prevention and treatment of varicose veins. The density and elasticity of the thread is measured in denier (den) is more than the den value, the denser the material. Denier number indicates the weight in grams of a thread 9 km long (40 den means that 9 km of filament tights weigh 40 g). Also, sometimes the thickness is measured in units of DTEX (“Decotex”). There are also tights, keeping heat — termonology.