ALL FOR SUMMERWell, when the country house has a terrace, garden furniture. There is also not a problem: they will replace the retractable awning (Fig. 1). It will protect from sun and rain. Determine the size of the awning close to the house, mark the plot. If desired, it can be surrounded with decorative grilles, which swirls with greens. This enclosure is organized and the interior space of the plot. Several options for the location of the grids shown in the figures.

PA house opposite from the ends of the plot set two pillars (tubes) with holes at the top, they prodavnice a metal rod or pipe section. From her home in a few rows, pull the steel wire. To her with the rings to attach the awning. Mechanism that can move the awning is arranged as follows. House wall the edge of the fabric secure still. Through the ring pipe thread the cord, the ends of which are tied to extreme rings, so they had the opportunity to move the tent when pulling the opposite ends of the cord.
Installing on the station a few low lights (Fig. 2) you will not only light it, but also originally decorate.
For the manufacture of the lamp required a thick timber post and Board — bracket of the canopy. Its made of two symmetrical parts, this will facilitate the piercing of holes in each piece cut a groove, and then the halves connect.
The same compound may be a bar to skip it inside the cable. At the top of the beam, install the bolt-on bracket, and it hang the lamp.
Rubber-coated cable that connects the lamp with the lighting network is laid in the earth on depth not less than 70 cm.
Fig. 1. Tent
Fig. 1. Tent:
1 — pole, 2 — cross tube, 3 — cord, 4 — ring, 5 — wire, 6 — tent.
Fig. 2. Lights
Fig. 2. Lights:
1 — pole, 2 — Board-bracket, 3 — bowl; on the right solution to the design of the lantern.
Fig. 3. Lattice for climbing plants.
Fig. 3. Lattice for climbing plants.
Do you like climbing plants? Make a wooden lattice and attach it to the wall: shoots will develop better, and the facade of the house will become more elegant (see Fig. 3).
Furniture set, obstoji two sofas and a small table (Fig. 4), very convenient for a small country rooms. He’s going from abundant materials, and the design of its constituent objects and allows to change their relative positions depending on the destination. For example, two of the sofa can stand alone or combined together to form a single corner sofa.
For the production of this kit will require otfugovannymi boards or particle boards, plywood, or hardboard, foam and decorative fabric for slipcovers.
Stele consists of a base-box and inserts a frame with top. Nerobkie assembled from separate wooden or particleboard planks of different widths on glue and nails or screws. Top from a sheet of chipboard, thick-plywood or boards connected to the shield. Its lower part is attached to the frame made of thin strips: outer dimensions to ensure its tight fit in the box. Because of this worktop will not require special fasteners and at the same time it can be removed when carrying the table in parts.
Fig. 4. Corner sofa and table
Fig. 4. Corner sofa and table:
1 — frame sofa, 2 — shield, 3 — straps, 4 — back, 5 — pillow 6 — counter, 7 — table basis.

Fig. 5. Bookshelf ladders.
Fig. 5. Bookshelf ladders.
Sofas differ from each other only in size. Each consists of a frame, seat, backrest, foam cushions and mattresses. When you merge in an angular sofa of one of the backrest can be shared. The pillows are filled with sheet foam, which is trimmed to the required size and inserted into the cloth bags. Each sofa will have to make three mattress size 1000X800 mm and two pillows 1000X400 mm. in addition, for a large required extra pillows 800X400 mm, and in the corner version is also 400 X400 mm. At night they are arranged in a single plane — so comfortable bed.
On the device are rather unusual bookshelves (Fig. 5) is very similar to the step-ladder.
Take four long and short wooden block. Connect them with crossbars you will have two long “ladders” and the bottom is short. The ends of the lengths of them. connect the metal plate hinge with M8 bolts as shown in the figure. Now the two ends of a short ladder attach to the middle of the long. On the top and bottom shelves install any lock that would not allow the “ladder” apart (the figure shows examples of such a stopper).
If necessary, you can make not one but several “ladders” and make a wall, easy going and knowledgeable.
Fig. 6. Bed spring mattress.
Fig. 6. Bed spring mattress.
Fig. 7. Folding table
Fig. 7. Folding table
Fig. 7. Folding table:
1 — frame-counter, 2 — swivel frame and legs.
For individual beds (Fig. 6) suitable commercially available spring mattresses on a wooden frame. They only need to make the backrest, which will require wide bars. In vertical racks 100Х100Х700 mm make holes for the horizontal crossbars of the backrest. Horizontal bars need to choose the slots for the wedges: they will bond the structure of the back after Assembly. To the lower part of the legs screw G-hooks: they will include Board frame mattress and will not require additional connections.
If the area is old dead trees and sawed them into poles length of 0.8—1 m. Wcopa one next to the other half in the ground, say, next to the sandbox, you relive not only a children’s area, but the site itself.
Simple and convenient dressing table (Fig. 7) consists of two supporting wooden frames linked so that they can develop on a common axis. Table cover fits over the frame and simultaneously limits the distance that parted the legs of the table.

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