In country conditions, especially if it novostroyka and life has not adjusted, the proposed construction will be as necessary as it is universal. Workable quickly and easily, she faithfully will not only in the early stages of development of suburban area and building a house, but in the future: because the hammock’s hammock, and when it becomes junk in the house, useful in nature, relaxing in the garden. But most importantly — it will help while in the country the new house, especially in the attic, has not yet appeared real furniture. Because to do it right and the day of arrival to the country, even if you don’t care about it in advance: it can be even more simplified versions of its parts. For example, instead of the tarpaulins is quite suitable old mattress, and instead of wooden cross-beams of the frame improvised from related pairs of sticks or cuttings of garden tool.
However, it is better to follow the design shown on the drawings. For him, first of all you need cloth of canvas or strong cloth-type mattress or upholstery furniture, size 2000×1080 mm. At its longitudinal edges and is stitched podymaetsja slot under the rod of the frame — wooden poles with a diameter of 45-50 mm and a length of 2250 mm. Under these same drilled matching holes in the plank in peracino-raspornyh frame size 22x100x950 mm.
Fig. 1. The main parts of the bed-hammock
Fig. 1. The main parts of the bed-hammock:
1 — rod frame (2 PCs.)
2 — cross member-strut frame (2 PCs.), 3 — rope suspension, 4 — panel-lounger.

Fig. 2. Way to seal rope ends in a loop (two options)
Fig. 2. Way to seal rope ends in a loop (two options).

Fig. 3. Firmware slot the fabric under the rod
Fig. 3. Firmware slot of a panel under the bar.
Fig. 4. The angle of the collected hammock
Fig. 4. The angle of the collected hammock:
1 — cloth, 2 — cross member-strut frame, 3 — bar frame 4 — loop suspension.

Fig. 5. A variant of the suspension of the hammock - on a single hook
Fig. 5. A variant of the suspension of the hammock – on a single hook.
Left to prepare for the pendant — a strong rope (for example, made of linen).with a length of twice the height of the suspension. Its ends are sealed in a loop as shown in the figure. The value of loop is best to do with stock, for reliability fits over the rod of the frame a double ring (see figure). At the top of the rope can be caught in the middle, if you go into a ring for hanging on one hook, similar to the cradle (see figure). But better, of course (if conditions permit), to carry two “points”: position is more stable.
This bed-the hammock has sufficient rigidity in the working position, and disassembled for convenient storage or transport.

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