AND DON'T NEED A PALNTIf you are going to build something: garage, sauna, shed, and maybe the house, but you lack the materials, cinder blocks, made with your own hands, you’ll come to the rescue. Need form of sheet metal with a thickness of 3 mm. Together with his assistants, using the mixer, you can in a day without special effort “to release” up to 300 pieces of blocks. A lot or a little? Judge for yourself: a garage with a size of 6×4 m need 450 of these units, and one floor house of size 6,5×8 m — 1000.

The solution is prepared. Knead lightly moistened the mixture (amount of water determined empirically) in the proportion: cement — 1 part, slag or expanded clay — 7 to 12 (proportion given for cement M400). Installing the form on level ground, fill it with a solution, tamp hand tamper and by aligning the top edge, cut off excess metal strip. Now carefully remove form (it is without a bottom) — the unit is ready.


Form on concrete blocks


Form for concrete blocks (all sizes are internal welds on the outside).


Put a form next and repeat the process. In the end, don’t forget to wash the mold with water. After 24 hours, the blocks can already be stored (for a height of not more than three) to make room for the next batch. The size of the form given in case if you are going to walls with additional lining in 1/2 bricks. If your building will have the walls plastered on both sides, you can take an arbitrary size — if only it was able then to raise this unit by hand. And at a laying of walls thickness of 50 cm do not forget after every two rows of blocks to hold the “bandage” bonder brick around.

p. Kirov,
Primorsky Krai

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