PLUG IN CARTRIDGEIn order not to keep the additional wiring to connect the auxiliary electrical appliances at work using portable lamps, enough cartridge “carrying” to install a homemade adaptor as shown in the figure. For the manufacture of the adapter is used the lighting cartridge, in which are drilled three holes: one in the bottom under peeled from the glass and glue the cap the blown bulbs and the two side under the plug. Before you glue the base with epoxy resin in the bottom, it is soldered from the inside of a flexible insulated conductor with a length of 45 — 50 mm.

Contacts under the plug pins are made of brass strip with thickness of 0.5 mm and the clamping plate, and two M3 screws of different lengths are attached to the ceramic support with the contacts under the lamp. Moreover, the short head of the screw being located in a special recess securely locks the contacts from turning.
During Assembly of the adapter (before installing ceramic bearings), the above-mentioned conductor is soldered to one contact, and the second is the same conductor connected with the Central contact of the cap.
The design of the adapter
The design of the adapter:
1— the bottom of the holder 2, the contact cap Central, 3 — insulation cap, 4 — conductor Central, 5 — prong cap side, 6 — side guide, 7 — pin under the pins of the plug (brass s0,5, 2), 8 — strip presser (brass), 9 insert, pin, 10 — skirt.

Protective cover
A protective cover.
Protection against accidental touching pins of plug
Protection against accidental touching of plug pins:
1 — Chuck, 2 — sleeve.

To prevent accidental touching of the exposed parts of the plug pins on them to put on a protective sleeve or cover, made of heat-resistant plastic.

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