ANTENNA GOOD RECEPTIONIt often happens that the collective TV antenna is not working properly. In our high-rise building, for example, to take a high-quality image with such antenna only one TV channel. At other rescues antiquated room, which involves, unfortunately, a number of disadvantages.

The fact that the tower is out of sight. Besides the house-“skyscrapers” around… When receiving TV programs, we just have to settle for the signal reflected from the buildings. And that the amplitude was maximum with the minimum interference necessary each time you switch channels, adjust their antenna, rotating them around an axis at an angle of 180°. The “whiskers” of the vibrator cling to curtains, plants, etc.
That’s the idea: to replace a mechanical adjustment electrical adjustment, smontirovat stand, indoor antenna switch for three positions. To achieve the first position corresponded to the direction of the TV tower, the second (with disabled vibrator) was perceived equivalent to the zero angle to be used when receiving a signal from the standing close by “skyscrapers”, and the third was the analogue of the first but with a reversal of the pattern in the opposite direction.
The implementation of the plan went without a hitch. Now — no hassle with the reception of TV programs. And the whole setup of the beam on a particular channel is reduced to basic switching simple (and hence reliable) circuit switch ЅА1.
Bedroom TV antenna with
Bedroom TV antenna with “techprogram” radiation pattern.
Electrical schematic replacement mechanical adjustment of the antenna
Circuit diagram replace the mechanical adjustment of the antenna.
Fans of the improvements I propose to experiment with the antenna by installing it stand another switch — ЅА2 (wiring diagram this option is highlighted in dashed lines). The number of possible combinations related to the directional diagram of the upgraded room, will increase many times. Can choose the optimal setting option on the right channel!

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