DOWNTIME PERISCOPEIn childhood, many have probably experienced the delight of the books of Jules Verne. The romance of traveling on the Nautilus is impossible to forget even after years. Today the submarine with the same for her periscope is of interest to those who in the future will be the captain. For making a simple periscope need not so much – two vanity mirrors (4) about the size of 50×70 mm and thin-walled durable material (e.g., wood or plastic) from which to make the walls of the optic tube (1), which are adjacent the top (2) and bottom (3) of the knee. Them at a 45° angle set of mirrors. In the process of manufacturing the device can be guided to one of the shows the structural schemes. The length of the spotting scope in the 300 – 400 mm can be considered sufficient. The periscope can be equipped with rotary device and handles that will allow you to feel like a real submariner.


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