THE LIGHT IN THE KITCHENUse in the kitchen local lighting. As a rule our kitchens are covered the only light source is the ceiling or a chandelier hanging somewhere near the ceiling, in the middle.

Most often, this lamp General purpose lights no matter Desk — when the hostess is preparing lunch, she closes herself from the world of the working area on the plate.

Inconvenient such a lamp and in that case, when the family gathers at the dinner table (usually standing at the window or wall) — it illuminates not the table, and the center of the kitchen. In the end, for normal illumination of the working and dining tables in the chandelier have to screwing the lamp of high power, thus causing high power consumption.


A much more comfortable environment you can create in the kitchen using local lighting. First of all, instead mnogovekovoe chandeliers makes sense to hang in this room, the ceiling, placing it directly over the center of the dining table — it needs only to drill a hole in the ceiling and screw the hook into it.


This is not necessarily stroebe ceiling and lay hidden wiring — enough to cover staffing and hook the output wires with a suitable cap (I, in particular, have acquired for this purpose at a hardware store two identical funnel white and cut them tapered part) and connect the wire to the dome light wiring harness using a spiraled cord.

Now that should take care of the hostess to provide her a more comfortable illumination intensity. It will have to buy a few fluorescent lamps and install them on the lower planes of the wall cabinets.


Classic kitchen lighting with lamp General purpose


Classic kitchen lighting with lamp General purpose


Kitchen use local lighting



The kitchen use local lighting:

A – lighting is a dining table;

B—lighting for working areas.

In— ceiling lights

If the light will fall not only on the workspace, but your eyes have to do the so-called apron — you can use chodai aluminum profile, wooden casing or just sanded and coated with parquet lacquer Board. The use of luminaires with fluorescent lamps will also reduce energy consumption in your apartment.


And the last one. In many cases, the kitchen does not need local lighting is sufficient General ambient light. You can get it mounted near the ceiling, above the cabinets a few rounds with flanges and screw them in lamps with mirrored bulbs that brightly illuminate the ceiling, and the actual kitchen.



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