BATH OF LOGSBath is not only a place where you can spend time in close company of friends, had a good warm up and whip each other with brooms, she also serves indispensable functions to improve health. After the correct procedures in the bath improves the function of many organs and systems: kidneys, respiratory system, excretory system. This is due to the cleansing of toxins, salts, toxic substances, acids and degradation products. It all comes out then.


Our ancestors went to the bath at least once a week for cleaning the lymphatic system. In order to ensure maximum health function, material for baths should be natural, minimally processed and healthy for the human body. It is therefore always built baths of logs.


Construction of the baths of logs produced from softwood interior from aspen, Linden, cedar, healing and filling the interior with pleasant scents of essential oils. Today, despite such a rich choice of building materials: bricks, foam concrete, beams, construction of baths of logs continues to represent the traditional “Russian bath”.


How to choose the wood for the bath from logs
In Ancient Russia the secrets of the construction of the baths of logs passed down from generation to generation. Construction material was prepared in advance, dried for a long time in natural conditions, therefore, the preparation and construction took a long time.
Since that time, and to this day, for the bath use the following woods: pine, spruce, pine and sometimes larch. The best material is pine, harvested in the winter. It has the best performance of moisture resistance. Selected logs at least 25 cm in diameter, wood with high density.
Important! Picking up wood to build on consider is that wood of the same variety, but grown in different climatic conditions has a different density level.
How to choose a location for the construction of baths
First of all, you need to get around the site, test the soil. See where the neighbors, the road and other key points. Imagine what would you like to see the steamed out of the bathhouse.
If the area is a reservoir: a lake or pool, or access to the river, it is expedient the construction of a bath out of a log to produce near, but not closer than 15 m to during the flood season not flooded.
If there is a road, then bath is better positioned on the other side of the site, away from prying eyes and exhaust.
If you want the neighbors saw you run out and jump in a steaming body of water, place the bath in such a way that no one could see it coming from her door. And all the other viewed places that it is better to enclose with a fence or hedge.
If the water are too close, the construction of the pool for a bath is almost impossible, have to be content with a plunge pool and shower.
A veranda or terrace baths it is better to hide from prying eyes. It will be nice to go with a Cup of tea or decoction of herbs, to sit on the bench or just stand on the porch and not catch his prying eyes.
And, of course, do not forget about the rules of fire safety and health records when choosing a place for a bath.

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