CUTS HOT THREADThis simple device can be useful to the house master in the manufacture of various frames, boxes, lampshades and other articles made from organic glass sheet, thermoplastic plastic or foam.
On a dielectric (you can use wooden) plate has two metal stands: spokes or long nails. Between them stretched the thread nichrome wire Ø 0,2—0,4 mm. If there is no such suitable pre-straightened spiral from the iron.
To the ends of the wire attached to the springs from ballpoint pens, which pull the thread and prevent it from sagging. The outer ends of the springs are clamped in the sleeve with the retaining bolts, moving the uprights. That’s the whole design.
When working with the fitment of the nichrome filament, the voltage applied To 3-24 (depending on its length) from the transformer, taken from a set of elektrovyzhigatel “Ornament-1”. The contact between the current-carrying wires and thread is clamp type “crocodile”. A sheet of Plexiglas, which must be bent, is fixed on a cradle — wood; nichrome filament, passing just below the line of the future bend, set at a distance of 1-2 mm from the bottom surface of the workpiece and switch on the power.
Hot thread in the work.
Hot thread:
1 — plate, 2 — front, 3 — bed, 4 — load, 5 — nichrome wire with coil springs, 6 — sleeve with lock screws, 7 — clamps type “crocodile”, 8 — piece made of plexiglass, 9 — transformer.
The filament is heated to a red glow, and after 1-6 minutes (depending on the thickness of the plexiglass) the workpiece will gradually bend under its own weight. Then it can be removed to check the bending and hold like this for another few minutes, until cool.
This way of processing because the fold lines, if heating of the workpiece sufficiently long, it is not formed sinter.
With hot filament, you can also cut a thin plexiglass, thermoplastic plastic with a thickness up to 5 mm and the foam. When the need to use fume hood as in cutting emits toxic fumes.

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