BEE OPERATINGAmong the ills that await center agriculture, varroa — it is far not on last place. This is called invasive disease mite that in all stages of development a parasite on the body of worker bees, Queens and drones, and brood.

To fight against the insidious varroa now used as a physical (e.g., 15-minute heating bees in a heat chamber until t = 46 — 48°C) and chemical means (for example, strips “Apistan” put on 10 to 20 days in the hive). Past in rural provinces often substituted with “old-fashioned” treatment of part of the oxalic acid: and cheaply and effectively.
And that was also technologically advanced, I recommend to use a special device — a kind of operating table for decoratii bee colonies. It is designed for the simultaneous processing of two cell framework, fixed with four movable clips on a rotating rack platform.
Device to decretale bee colony
Device to decretale bee family:
1 — axis (ST5), 2 front platform (steel pipe 20×2,5), 3 — clip (steel wire Ø4, 4 PCs.), 4 — frame cell (2 PCs), 5 — clamp, 6 — pressure washer, 7 — the wall of the hive.

The device is simple to manufacture and operate, has small dimensions and weight. It is mounted directly to the wall of the hive with the help of clamps, the base of the structure. Rack mounting swivel platform with fixed on it the part under different angles to the spray gun, perform dealersall. Time is spent on this quite a bit, and the result is… Well, to make his bees “operating table” and see for yourself the efficiency of its use in the treatment of varroa!

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