CAR-TRIPTYCHAny agricultural equipment used by gardeners and gardeners, operated mainly in the warm season, and the rest is just stored, waiting in the wings. Therefore, clear requirements: to be convenient not only in the work. Not by chance among the means of mechanization always special preference to enjoy or compact or collapsible, or folding. As, for example, represented here car-truck proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”.

Its fundamental difference from traditional designs such auxiliary equipment — articulated decision of the body made of soft material and is able because of this to fold into a flat package, which allows you to store the trolley without special places.

The design can be made of light metal pipes, although, in principle, such a scheme car can be made of wooden bars. As starting materials is quite suitable parts of the old cot: it dural pipes have the necessary strength and light weight, and the tarpaulins will be able to sew soft pyramid body. To facilitate the manufacture of the main tubular parts their shape in the diagram is somewhat simplified. The same applies to the hinge body and wheels: option of installing it will depend on Oh, what the finished wheel has the manufacturer.
Pimp folded and operating position
Wheelbarrow folded and operating position:
1 — wheel; 2 — wheel; 3 — bushing axis (2); 4 — pen (2 PCs); 5 prop (2pcs); 6 — limit stop housing; 7 — joint (2 PCs); 8 — soft body (tarpaulin); 9 — furniture screws (or bolts, 4 PCs); 10 — tie bar (handles and supports); 11 — wooden tube
The basis of tubular frame — two long handles, one end of which is mounted a wheel, and on the opposite — to put on a rubber or plastic grip. Closer handle are connected by a tubular cross member, which imparts the necessary rigidity of the resulting frame. And just above the wheel provides a hinge joint connecting the handle with the supporting part of the cars, consisting of two bent tubes, also connected in the upper part of the tubular crossmember.
Both of these crossbars to connect them to screws wooden plugs inserted tightly (if necessary — on epoxy glue). If there are large load, the fastener is better to use bolts.
In the area of the hinge there is another cross member, slip and also tubular, which plays the role of the limiter in the unfolding of the wheelbarrow — grip lowering handle of the trolley.
Sewing soft body is not particularly difficult. The upper edge of the front and back have laderman or slots in which the body is put in the Assembly on the crossmember. And the bottom are sewn two straps attached to the restrictive cross-focusing.
Device the hinge and installing the wheel, also do not require special review, moreover, may have other solutions.

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