CLAP-TRAPHouse mice and rats have long been listed as a harmful animal, whose presence in buildings is undesirable. The harm they cause to the household, making cracks in the wooden structures, spoiling food supplies, gnawing things, as they say, is obvious. In addition, these pests are carriers of various dangerous diseases.

For the destruction of rodents invented many ways and means: chemical, electronic, mechanical. But the latter is preferable because the first two can cause harm to the person.
Among the mechanical means the most common — traps. In hardware stores sold these devices a wide variety of systems, from advanced materials and improved design. Only elegant view here is not only unnecessary, but also undesirable: rodent these qualities only make you wonder and scared off.
Several years ago I made a simple and deliberately rude (as they say architects and designers, in the style of “country”, well, if simply—rustic) a device for the destruction of rats and mice that repeatedly tested and proved effective.
The base of the unit is a rectangular slab of Board-“twenty” with a width of 245 mm and length of 355 mm. These sizes approximate: match the device to destroy major pests — rats. But for the mice to reduce its dimensions is not necessary.
Versions of the mousetrap
Embodiments of the mousetrap:
and — with a metallic mesh basket for catching rodents alive; b — soft mesh cap for catching birds;
1 — trap; 2 — frame frame (steel wire Ø6 — 8); 3 — the frame of metal mesh; 4— door for collection of animals; 5 — stand (wire Ø3); 6 — nylon mesh

Adjusting device
Adjusting device:
and the position of the Lodge with a minimum sensitivity (mice); b—position of a gatehouse at the maximum sensitivity (for rats);
1 —nut; 2—pointer, 3 — cord

In the middle of a plate located along one more detail, the nut—wood plank cross-section of 10×5 mm, almost the full length of the base. In the rear edge of the plank made the cut: it is inserted and fastened strip of skin. The other end of the strips attached to the rear end of the base so that the nut can be raised and lowered to install the bait. In the middle of the strap split—to put the bait (but you can do it without splitting is to put the bait under the nut). At the other end of the strap is made from the top three notches.
In front of the base is arranged a wormhole: the two stand in the corners, connected at the top of the crossbar. These items — a wooden block-section 30×20 mm. Stand to the plate is attached with screws through the gussets that increase the stability of the wormhole. The crossbar to the uprights are connected using dowels to glue; when carrying the device it serves as a handle. In the mid-crossbar bottom bracket hammered wire, which is suspended some distance on the cord a pointer. It’s a crutch in the form of a flat “Siskin” with the belt-recess under the knot of the cord for homicide details—a crush. Hustles shape and dimensions the same as base. Only he has the front corners cut-outs a little more, so when lowering it to pass freely between the uprights. Even in the crush on the inner side is made of a cylindrical recess and a longitudinal groove under the nut, so that when the operation of the device the plane crush and the base came together more tightly. At the rear of the stampede and the base are connected by two hinged split loops. To the fall hustle less “hovered”, it is possible to drill several through holes.
Loaded the unit is installed on the intended route rodents, and even better—about their permanent location (nests). Charge the unit following the procedure. First, raising the front of the stampede, in a crevice of the dam (or under it) put the bait (bread crust, a piece of cheese, etc.). Hustles back pointer: the end of the short arm of the Lodge inserted into the intended groove in the crush, and the end of the long arm (very carefully) in one of three notches in the saddle: thanks to them, the sensitivity of the device can be changed depending on what the rodent will have to hunt.
A mechanical device for the destruction of mice and rats
A mechanical device for the destruction of mice and rats:
1 — front (bar 30×20, 2); 2 — thick Ø10 (2pcs); 3 — bar (bar 30×20); 4—clip (steel wire Ø1,5); 5—emphasis for the additional weight (rack 20×10); 6—hustles (Board s20); 7—soft band (leather); 8 — lower hinge hinge (tin s0,5,2); 9—nail (is 120.2 PCs); 10—bait; 11 —Klondike (tin s0,5, 2); 12 —a screw (18 PCs); 13 — Foundation (Board s20); 14—nut (rack 10×5); 15—pointer (10×5 rail); 16—fuse; 17—plate (tin s0,5); 18—the top loop of the hinge (plate s0,5)

This backup crush the pointer is very unstable, and the system comes out of “balance” in that moment, when the animal takes the bait, and with it at least a little bit, slide the nut and a pointer. Hustles, having lost the supports under the action of its weight falls on the rodent…
The mouse usually dies immediately. To obtain the same result when hunting rats mass stampede should be increased, for example, putting a brick or other suitable weight. And that the goods have not slid on an inclined surface “cocked” crush across it nailed focus—a wooden rail.
For those who the destruction of mice and rats considers to be unacceptable, but would like their presence in the house is to get rid of, recommend is crush in the device to make the screen basket. Then you can catch the rodents alive. Another improvement is the installation frame covered with soft nylon mesh — you will be able to fish and birds.
The bottom frame boxes and frame must be heavy, and make it better from a thick steel wire.
V. PETROV, S. fish, Krasnoyarsk Krai

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