BEAUTIFUL HOME — BEAUTIFUL YARDArch, gate, gate, fence, walkway, typically all these elements construct a new HOMESTEAD or garden plots are not in the first place: imported materials, construction details, tools, seedlings, processed a site built structure is hassle enough, and the fence at first, just a hindrance. But come to her hands; there are the traditional questions: “how!” “what!”. And it turns out that there are options, it is available as materials and design, especially as much remains and from the main construction: cement, Board, sand, lumber, pipe. All will go to the cause.
So, the fence. The most common variant of the fence: the narrow strips cut in the upper part of the tip. Such fence turned out beautiful, it is precisely to maintain the distance between the nailed planks. And this is easy to do without any markup: just one straps to use as a spacer between the already nailed and nailed boards. The bars of the fence — the portion that is in the earth, you should burn at the stake: the charred surface is less exposed to deterioration from damp and woodworm.
Fig. 1. The device stands tubular gate.
Fig. 1. The device stands tubular gate.
Of course, the more durable the fence of metal mesh stretched between pipe posts driven into the ground. Painted with oil paint, this fence looks elegant and is not afraid of rust. Be it will be and gate or gate, also made of pipes. The witty design is that their weight is not the traditional loops, which usually become loose, and on the support rack frame, as shown in the diagram. Such a suspension is durable and comfortable.
R and p. 2. Installation of the fence of metal mesh.
R and S. 2. Installation of the fence of metal mesh.

For the fence can be used and collected in the nearby woods testoobraznaja dried trunks of hazel, young pines: you don’t even have to cut and nailed to the cross obliquely, approximately at 45° to the ground — to get the original drop-down palisade. This fence is very suitable decorative arch, the top of which is formed by the same commercial shooting with stacked thereon across a cut churbachkov flowed from the same stalk.
Fig. 3. Manufacturer of picket fence.
Fig. 3. Manufacturer of picket fence.
Of course, this site needs to be neat, durable carpet. It can be made out of broken bricks, mixed sand with gravel, paving-stones or sections of stumps. But the strongest and most durable obtained from waste concrete slabs. For their installation is prepared first box: digs a shallow (10-15 cm] groove width for future lanes. Here is backfilled and thoroughly viravnivaite sand. On the pillow at regular intervals, plank plate, approx combine beaten edges or previously “cut” using chisels and hammers to smooth rectangles, squares. Each plate on top patrimoniale.
Fig. 4. Decorative arch from commercial shooting.
Fig. 4. Decorative arch from commercial shooting.
If possible, instead of sand, place broken stone or brick, and the top cement solution at the rate of one part cement and five parts sand. Stir everything thoroughly with a shovel and leveled the boardwalk or Shnurov reference levels. Stacked top plates are also carefully patrimonialist, and so that had a barely noticeable slope to the edge of the track to drain rainwater.

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