We are accustomed to the fact that the furniture in the house or in the country are made usually from wood or materials on its basis, such as plywood. Wood, according to tradition, are usually made and garden furniture: benches, chairs, tables, and most of all — your hands as this material is available and easily processed. But along with many indisputable advantages of wood it has a significant drawback — it is hygroscopic, that is, not only absorbs falling on her water, but even absorbs moisture directly from the air, thus defiled, darkens, swells, rots, and subsequent uneven drying—warp, crack.

Therefore wood is necessary to apply a waterproof coating. However, due to different thermal expansion (compression) coating and wood paint peels off and in a year or two the treatment should be repeated. To pick up the paint or varnish with the same linear expansion coefficient as that of the tree is difficult due to the fact that even one detail of this material along and across the fibers has a different size ratio.

Garden could be furniture made of plastic. Moisture she is not afraid to paint it is not necessary. That’s just the sun burns out, changes color and may be slightly soften or even cracking as the frost. So be sure that this furniture was in the shade, and in winter it is desirable to store in a relatively warm room, or at least in freezing weather not to use it. To pay for this furniture would have been full, because to do it yourself is not possible, as it is made one-piece with Bartolome and ribs.

And such circumstances are inclined to the conclusion that the most suitable for the garden is the furniture with a metal frame (often made of pipes with diameter from 15 to 40 mm), which is mostly used in offices, institutions. And buy it difficult, if not its high price.


Frame table

The frame of the table:

1 — leg-stand (steel inch pipe 4 PCs); 2 — bolt М6х75 (4 PCs); 3 — spacer (wooden block); a, b, C — variants of forms of countertops

But this “indicator” be reduced by approximately half, if you make this furniture yourself. Further cost reduction is possible by using the frames of the furniture raznostnykh substandard or defective due to leakage Gazavtomatika pipes. And very inexpensive cost of the product, if they use the former in many years of service pipes from hot water systems or heating and discarded due to the fact that their through holes have salakavala deferred on the walls salts. Outer surface of these pipes, usually under a layer of paint (and even without it) from rust was not injured and remained smooth (not that pipes cold water).

Material of frames present garden furniture — table, chairs, sofa steel water-gas supply pipes with a diameter from 1/2 to 1″ (one inch equals 25.4 mm). Only we must remember that it is the through bore diameter of the pipe and the wall thickness of this size will not display. When selecting pipes for the same parts it is desirable that the pipes were of the same outer diameter.

Before the production of furniture have to determine its main dimensions and to make the necessary drawings or at least sketches.

In the drawings given in the article stated the average size for similar items of garden furniture.


Chair with upholstered headboard

Chair with upholstered headboard




Table. Height of table top 750 mm. Diameter table round table (square) — 800 mm. Diameter of circumscribed circle around the “feet” of the legs of the table is 750 mm. the Material of feet is — inch pipe. You could use a pipe and thinner, so the load on the table is not so great, but then the legs will look like “chicken”.

Chair. Seat height is about 440 mm. Its length and width is the same. The height from the plane of the seat to top of backrest is the same — about 440 mm. Material pipe 1/2′.

Sofa. All basic dimensions are the same as those of the chair, and only the length 3-4 times more. Material — pipe 3/4″.


Before you cut pipe, it is necessary to calculate the length of workpieces depending on the bending radius of parts, number of bends and the thickness of the material by the formulas given in table 1.


Formula to determine the lengths of blanks for bending

Experienced house master subsequent advice may be useless, and AOT novice useful.

Before sawing the workpiece on the pipe at the place of cutting is applied in a circular risk. Cutting pipe saw blade, preferably a blade with small teeth divorced, and not with pin wiring. The workpiece in a vise clamped over the sawn off end If this is not possible and the mount has to produce the body of the future details, then the pipe in the vise clamp using wooden pads so as not to crush her wall and not leave them on the notch of the jaws.

The cut pipe must be horizontal. A hacksaw at the beginning of the cutting, too, must be held horizontally, and when the teeth are “confident” it will be metal, the saw should be tilted on itself, and turning the workpiece over and over again at a 30-45° angle, to further cut severely at risk. Pressure on the hacksaw should be light, especially during cutting the wall. The optimal number of double strokes when sawing 35-45 min.

To pipe when bending is not flattened, and the walls from the smaller radius is not crushed, their internal cavity is tight (vibration) gain dry sand and plug the output hole wooden plugs.

Flexible pipes depending on their diameter, steel grade, and most importantly, the radius of the bend can be done cold or hot. Data for pipe bending “cold” are given in table 2.

To heat the steel pipe preferably to a temperature of recrystallization (slightly more than 90 °C), when the metal becomes highly plastic. This temperature corresponds to the bright red color of hot metal. But even more than low heating greatly improves the ductility of the metal.

Heat the tube in the flame of a blowtorch or gas burner (not kitchen).

Bend the workpiece in the fixture better, comparing its configuration to a drawing on the Plaza (waiting, when the metal has cooled); the drawing is life-size at the appropriate Plaza — plane of a fireproof material, for example asbestos cement (corrugated iron) sheet or even on the ground. The fixture can be made of the used brake disc car (to find one now is not difficult), mounted in the probe-emphasis.


A device for bending tubes and bars

Device for bending tubes and bars:

1 — bending plate (brake disc of a passenger car); 2 — billet (steel pipe); 3 — the probe-emphasis (steel wire)

The connection of the tubular parts in the presence of a welding machine no not difficult. If not, then hold them together by using bolts (screws) of appropriate length. Only their heads should be placed outside and the nuts from the threaded ends of the bolts from the inside. Fasteners it is desirable to use galvanized. If there are none, then they must be carefully shaded with parts of the frame. When matching length bolts there, they can make nails “Docstoc” (length 200 mm), the diameters of which fit the M6 thread. The hat also need to cut a slot screwdriver.

Seat base of a chair (or sofa) — usually made of plywood. It edges near the corners of the bolts are inserted furniture with a wide semi-circular or flat hat with a tooth-clamp. On the basis of the fit of the foam and the seat top is upholstered with leatherette. For fastening of the seat to the frame in the pipes, drilled the appropriate holes for bolts.

If desired, the seat can be done back, only covered with imitation leather it must be fully and on the back side, with no seam at the top, to avoid dripping of water under the hull. The backrest can be do the invoice or insertable, securing it to the frame with screws, screwed through the holes in the frame tubes at the edges of the plywood base.

In the ends of the pipes, chair legs and sofa it is necessary to insert a metal or plastic glides. The sole of the thrust bearing, it is desirable to make the area a little more to the legs of furniture not failed even in the soft pound.


Minimum bending radii of the pipes in the cold state

Countertop removable to perform better, having made it from a solid metal sheet with a thickness of 0.7—1 mm with flange: steel conventional with subsequent painting, galvanized, stainless, or even aluminum. You can make wooden countertop, oblitsevat it one of the foregoing metal sheets or plastic. While forms of the countertop can be square, rectangular, round, oval, hexagonal, etc. Mount the tabletop to the legs can be accomplished through the strip to driven into the upper ends of tubes wooden plugs galvanized screws.

To connect the table legs need to make a spacer — wood bars of square cross section. Mathematics probably quickly take the formula for determining the side of the square. I did: cut out the circles with diameter as the pipes, docked them, and measured the distance between the closest opposite arcs.

We offer furniture, though made mostly of metal, but painted with an enamel paint, some still white or black, light or dark, doesn’t show what material it is made of, and in appearance is no different from bent wood.

But such furniture without risk of damage to leave in the open air: she’s not afraid of no rain, no dew, no rain, no snow.

It considerable weight in this case plays a positive role, it will not fall sideways even by a strong gust of wind.


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