CHEBURASHKACHEBURASHKADouble little micro-car, “rainbow,” built on the Central station of young technicians of Georgia. It is intended for educational purposes and is designed for children younger and middle age. The basis of the micro-car, only taken the frame of the map without depreciation. It is set outdoor sports body type. From map — wheel mechanical brakes and steering device. Drive mechanical brakes only on the front wheels.

Driving wheel one — rear right. Engine 2.2 HP used from microvesicle “Java-50” 0,5; cooled counter flow of air. The motor is mounted between the seats and is closed with a decorative hood. The shifter — lever. The car can reach speeds of 25-30 km/h.
The control system includes the clutch pedal, foot brake and gas (traction rope). The whole control system assembled in one unit, which can be adjusted depending on the height of the driver. For learning to drive provides space for a backup control unit. Dashboard speedometer and other contact pointers mounted on the steering wheel.
Electrical little micro-car — motorcycle type. Adopted turn signal lamps: front mounted on a common panel fallstudier, and back — on the upper end of the arc security.
The Micro-Car, Only Cheburashka
Little Micro-Car “Cheburashka”
Body type — wooden, made of plywood 10 mm thick. Going ka two wooden bars 50X50 mm screws and countersunk screws (glue П8А).
Ready the entire body is glued with chalcedony or calico PVA glue, then painted nitro nitro poele putty-putty and Stripping fine waterproof sandpaper. Preferably after painting polishing and install the moldings.
On the hood provided for mounting the spare wheel.
Underbody covered with noise-attenuating mastic, which motorists used to protect the bottom of the car from corrosion.
Decorative wheels are made of wood, covered with chalcedony and painted. Seat foam thickness 50 mm, covered with velvet with a decorative inlay staple tissue.
The Micro-Car, Only Cheburashka
This story about how the Georgian CSUT born little micro-car “Cheburashka”.
Familiarity with the machine occurs, as a rule, self-similar, circle. Here, first acquired the skills of independent design work.
The next step card “school Desk” motorist. But someone suggested to “dress” this angular car — to make the body.
And we got the car meeting which never indifferent.
Come up with such an original body shape the youngest member in the club a fourth-grader Gia Palanka. You can see it in the car.

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