FLOWER GARDEN ON WHEELSIn addition to the traditional flower beds in the suburban areas more and more popular are beginning to use mobile flower beds, allowing for the need to move or transfer them to another location. Design of flower gardens can be very different.

Curious at its option, moreover, is extremely simple in execution, proposed by a French magazine “System D”. This flower garden collapsible, allowing you to remove it for storage for the winter, and in working, the loaded condition to move the plot easier available at the bottom of the wheel.
Box construction it is convenient that can serve and completely filled with soil capacity, and as a kind of bunker, which will be made up of individual pots with flowers or decorative plants, together producing the impression of a single bed.
Design is a wooden box having side and end panels and bottom made of particle Board. Its peculiarity is that going to the flower garden without a single nail, the ready-this durable and reliable construction.
This result is achieved due to the fact that the components of the drawer panels have inverted grooves, the Assembly tightly incoming into each other and forming a kind of castle, successfully replacing other known methods of connection.
No direct attachment is installed and the bottom panel. For her on each of the longitudinal sidewalls in their lower part, are nailed on two of the rails, retreating from each other on the thickness of the bottom panel, which when the Assembly retracts just between them, as in a groove, securely holding it.
Flower box
Flower box:
1 —side panel (2 PCs); 2—bottom plate; 3—end panel (2 PCs); 4—rails (4 PCs); 5 — wheels (4 PCs.)

Given that the flower garden will be used in the unavoidably wet conditions, all the panels before Assembly, thoroughly, in several layers, paint with oil or any water-resistant paint. In addition, the internal cavity of the box, it is advisable to shoot film or rubber sheet to further protect the panel from moisture.
Build flower bed in the manufacture should be performed in the following sequence. On a properly prepared longitudinal sidewalls of the box are nailed two strips. On the bottom panel bottom-set four furniture wheels. Then the bottom moved into the rack grooves of the side panels and on top of them approaching your counter-grooves of the end panels, finally completing the entire structure.

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