FURNACE AND FIREPLACE AND STOVEIf the layout of the rural house or garden such that the largest room borders the kitchen, instead of the disparate sources of heat (conventional oven or the fireplace in the “hall”, and plates in the kitchen) it makes sense to build the complex furnace-fireplace-stove. In our farmhouse and made: all heat sources are connected to a single volume with a single tube (of course, alternately use it) that gives a noticeable savings of space and materials. Feature of the complex is that the fireplace is easy to turn to the oven and Vice versa. In addition, by manipulating the valve-mi-sliders from great room to heat the kitchen or, on the contrary, from the kitchen to actively nurture a warm room.

Quick warm-up complex provides masonry chimneys in a quarter of a brick (on edge) and the presence of so-called heater — free cavity between the chimney, which communicates with the “atmosphere” of the premises and significantly increases the emitting surface. Very comfortable and through the oven: one door it opens to the kitchen, the other into the room. In addition to its direct purpose, the oven is still serving window for the table setting in a large room.
For the manufacture of complex, need: quality red (main laying) and refractory (furnace cavity) brick (total 400 PCs); furnace door size 250×210 mm; four doors (130×130 mm) for the top cleansing, damper and upper chambers; nine doors (130×70 mm) for blower, bottom cleaning, dampers and Duszniki; grate (250×180 mm); oven (520x250x250 mm); the cast-iron plate (410×340 mm) with one burner; four valves (240×130 mm); four sheets of roofing iron (630×500 mm); steel, brass or bronze sheet (530×500 mm) for chimney damper; leaf “stainless steel” (630×250 mm) steel area (50×50, L350 mm); dural area (20×20, L3000 mm); dural band (30×2, L12 000 mm); pieces of marble tiles; tape asbestos cloth with a total area of about 2 m2; cuts asbestos-cement pipe with a diameter of 120 mm; clay; sand and so on.
As part of the masonry (we are talking about the chimney) is on the edge, the Foundation for the complex necessarily. On it is placed the waterproofing layer of roofing material and sheets of roofing iron: one for the fireplace and the other is under the stove. Unlike the fireplace, the masonry plate does not begin with bricks, and with six curved bars, made from poles — 70-mm segments asbestos-cement pipe with a diameter of 120 mm, filled with cement mortar, blocks, hewn from half brick.
Selected for masonry bricks should be of high quality: well-annealed, to have smooth corners and smooth edges. For the same reason, requires careful preparation of lead, high-quality clay mud, minimally thin seams — not more than 3 mm. Known rule: the more in brick kiln and less clay, the higher the quality of masonry. In this case this rule can be very useful.
The complex furnace-fireplace-stove
The complex furnace-fireplace-stove:
1 — insulation; 2 — ceiling, 3 — lining (dural strip 30×2); 4 — “mirror” kitchen fire cutting; 5 — screen (“stainless steel”, sheet s1); 6,42 — chambers (drying chamber); 7 — plinth; 8 — Paul; 9 — Foundation plate; 10 — waterproofing plate (a sheet of roofing felt and sheet roofing iron s1); 11 —the handle of the gate valve No. 1; 12,18 — pads (sheets of roofing iron s1); 13 — gate No. 4; 14, Of 17.21 —door cleaning; 15 — aderklaa” fireplace; 16 — gate No. 1; 19 — the door of the dushnik; 20 — handle gate No. 4; 22 — handle gate No. 5 (double); 23,28 — door oven; 24 — Board fireplace (marble tile); 25 — Shiber № 2; 26 — waterproofing the fireplace (sheet of roofing material and iron landroverusa s1); 27 — the basement fireplace; 29 — pen gate No. 3; 30 — plate cast iron burner; 31 — banding (dural area 20×20); 32 — the door of the furnace; 33 — the door blew; 34 — square (6 PCs); 35 — prop (6 PCs.); 36 — a inner wall of the house; 37 — door chambers; 38 — the doors of Duszniki heater; 39 cut — fire; 40 — pen gate No. 2; 41 damper for fireplace with doors (steel, brass or bronze sheet s); 43 — reinforcement of the arch (steel, band s 1.5 m); 44 — Kant (angle steel 50×50); 45 — the bars of the grate; 46 — gate number 3; 47 — oven; 48 — Shiber № 5 (double).
1-30 — the number of rows of a laying from the bottom up.

Next. All abutting masonry to metal parts (especially to the walls of the oven and furnace door) must complete asbestotsementnymi spacers to compensate different linear expansion when heated.
Managed complex furnace-fireplace-stove several rotatable and sliding vanes. Three of them major: General No. 1, a chimney-furnace No. 2 tile No. 3 and two manipulator: No. 4 and 5 (dual).
To enable the operation of individual components of the complex in a particular mode, you must perform the following steps:
a) furnace: the furnace fire to cover the doors and open the gates No. 1 and 2 (flues at full speed);
b) the fireplace: to open the gates No. 1, 2, 4 and 5 (maximum thrust). Fireplace sash can also be open;
C) the stove heated the kitchen “mirrors”: to open the gates No. 1, 2 and 5;
d) the stove heated the kitchen “mirrors”: to open the gates 1, 3 and 5;
d) a plate with a heating mantel mirrors: to open the gates 1, 3 and 4;
e) plate is at maximum capacity with priority heating of a large room: open gates No. 1 and 3.
Now a few explanations.
The main gate No. 1 consists of two latches, riveted “a sandwich” for better retention of heat after firing. It is available from rooms and kitchens, as provided with a rod 8 mm rod passed through the walls of the 27th row (see lining).
Gate No. 2 rotary but it may be retractable, as No. 4.
As of gates # 3 and 5 used a modified door factory manufacturing (130×70 mm). The factory grips have them removed and the resulting holes riveted. The pins from the lugs knocked out, and instead reamed holes in welded a new handle from a rod with a diameter of 8 mm.
Fold in the fireplace the damper cut the thinnest autogenous flame on chalk drawing and hung on hinges so that the circuit remained the same gaps. Performing the role of the blower in the heater mode, these gaps do not deny the observer the opportunity to enjoy a living flame even with closed wings.
The lead shows the ligation of the main building with fire midestens dissection. This eliminates uneven settling and cracks between them.
One more clarification. The drawings and lead the, let’s say, a primary option. Of course, he admits deviation, if they seem more attractive to readers. For example, we got somehow ornamental iron castings facing the fireplace from the old ruined house. Thus, the fireplace part of our complex got a great design.
The outer surface of the mirror plastering is not necessary. The flaws of masonry to better handle rasp, and then sandpaper the rough (definitely on a clipboard). Then wipe the mirror liquid clay solution and sand on the skin of the middle of the room. Then cut (a slightly deepened) the seams to the monotonous planes of the fireplace appeared a rhythmic geometric pattern of masonry, and painted all the iron with red lead, dissolved in water with addition of skim milk (ratio 1:1) that the colours do not get dirty.
In front of the arch of the fireplace to put sheet metal (copper, aluminum or the stainless steel) as with open wings perhaps “fired” coals of fire on unprotected floors, the fire.
Laid out the complex should be dry within a week (with wide open doors and dampers), and then slowly heated several times with a very small amount of wood, and only after the masonry is thoroughly dry, proceed to operation. If there are no errors, then you can expect that it will please its owner reliably for years. Our calculations, for example, were justified. In winter the house is always warm, cozy, in protoplennoy oven perfectly baked pies, and in the fireplace in special cases, even preparing a kebab — it is in the rear wall drilled the holes for the skewers.

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