GARDEN I worked as a mechanic gardening vehicles, or simply petrol lawn mowers. Often had to cut the grass and shrubs in inconvenient places, and in restricted areas. And the existing braids and large manual shears are ill-suited for such work. So I decided to ease your work — to come up with a portable hand tool for cutting bushes, flower beds and lawns. Asked domestic and foreign experience of construction of such mechanisms, sketched some sketches mowers with various actuators, including electric. However, before the reali-
organization of ideas was far away: we were not satisfied with a single node, then the other.
Finally after a long search turned electrocore, which, I think, favorably with similar design flexibility and can be used for cutting not only the crest and uncomfortable on the lawns, but also bushes. Called it ESC-1: electric lawn mower, universal, first. Here are some of its features.
Fig. 1. Use cases ESC-1
Fig. 1. Use cases ESC-1:
1, 2. 3 — mowing of grass in the walls of buildings, between the bushes on the slopes. 4 — making the crowns of shrubs.

First of all, the ease, the weight is 1.3 kgs. It is of great importance in the processing of the shrub, because the tool have hours to keep on weight. Rod-the lever is made of breakable, allowing you to change the position of the knife depending on the working conditions and topography of the surface shears.
ESC-1 is linked just to the motor with the cutting element on the end of the shaft attached to the casing, and the casing — long rod-arm. Engine type DP-35 is designed for DC 24 V power 72 W, speed 9000 rpm Like that used on some brands of portable transistor tape recorders, as well as in automation systems. But you can use the motor from a grinder or a vacuum cleaner. Have, however, strengthen the isolation, as a power source will then become directly AC power, and the weight of the mower will increase to about 3 kgf.
Fig. 2. General view ESC-1
Fig. 2. General view ESC-1:
1 — knife, 2 — dome of the protective casing. 3 — the electric motor. 4 — “breaking” the device. 5 — tube arm. 6 — button and the gear shift lever, 7 — socket, 8 — microtubles reverse, 9 cable. 10 — beam clamp.

The cutting element (knife) is made of two thin aluminum plates connected with M4 screws. Between the inserted blade safety razors so that they protrude from the plates of 0.5 mm. This eliminates damage to the cutting edge, in addition, the use of blades free from constant concern about the sharpness of the knife.
To protect the motor from accidental shock loads, it is possible to make two separate knife, is hinged on the flange. When making need carefully balanced, otherwise the mower will quickly fail.
Fig. 3. The layout of electrocasnice
Fig. 3. The layout of electrocoil:
1 — beam protective cover, 2 blade razor, 3, 10, 13, 18 — screws M4, 4 — the top plate of the knife,5 — bottom plate.6 — flange yoga, 7 — nut M4, 8 shaft motor 9, the motor.II — a dome of protective casing 12, the motor flange 14 the gasket. 15 eyelet.16 — nut-lamb M3, 17 male. 19 — Bush. 20 —pipe “breaking” the device.

When the engine is running centrifugal force stabilizes the knives in the radial direction, and they easily cut the grass, and when struck on a hard object leaning back, softening the blow.
Top knife is closed by a protective cover; it consists of a dome and “rays” made of thin sheet duralumin. Rays, protects the blade from breakage and helping to cut plant stems is connected with the dome is folded petals on epoxy glue. The ends of the beams have ledges that specifies the height of cut grass.
Attached to the housing and rod-arm, made of aluminum ski poles. On the top, it has socket, switch button of an engine and dual microtubles reverse. From them wire pipe going to the engine. (In case power from the AC handle is made of a plastic ski pole.)
R and p. 4. Konstrukcija
R and S. 4. Konstrukcija “breaking” the device:
1 — plug,2 — M4 screw,3 — sleeve,4 — oblique pipe,5 — hole to bolt-locking position,6 — tube arm.7 — bolt-retainer intermediate position,8 — tube housing 9 cable.

On the lower end of the pipe mounted plug with “broken” device. Fork with longitudinal rifts hardness of thin sheet duralumin. “Breaking” a device — a tube attached to the plug screw M4 on epoxy glue. It made the cut to change the position of the cutting element of the mower. E lugs protective cover rod-handle is fixed with screws with nuts lambs.
The figure shows a possible use of the mower with that arm. It is obvious that another tool is unlikely to have a similar reach. In addition, for mowing grass PA areas with uneven borders instead of a knife you can use a piece of nylon cord or metal guitar strings.

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