Compost storage of old barrelsEven if the fall was not very generous, still the outgoing summer leaves in the garden and in the garden after harvest a lot of vegetable waste. Some site owners try to get rid of them, just taking to the dump. A zealous owners know that the tops, the drops, trimming branches and foliage — all this could be for the following season, additional fertilizer and fertilizer for the new crop. So carefully raked-collect garden waste dumped in their allotted under this corner of the site and form a so-called compost heap, in which such accumulation will gradually pereplet and turn into nutritious organic fertilizer.

However, if the pile is to simply leave the heap — in the process of experiencing, they become loose and under the action of rain and wind to lose their shape, that is, creep away, taken away on the site. Why waste trying to lay in specially dug a compost pit or strive for them to build any fencing.

Compost basket-plaitingThe simplest of them is the old metal or plastic drums (1). To accumulate water from the autumn and spring rains—their walls and the bottom in any way programlamada, which also contributes to better air access to the compost, accelerating the pregnany plant waste.

A very well established spacious braids (2) from branches cut during the processing of shrubs and trees. For the sustainability of such a kind of basket strengthen vertically placed or driven into the ground poles. These drives are convenient because after you use the compost them if necessary it is easy to move to another location in the garden or the garden.

If the area highlighted is definite and permanent place in the compost drives, it is expedient to establish a stationary device, which can be different in design depending on available materials and the capabilities of the owner. For example, in the presence of mesh-netting is easy to collect the compost storage (3). Here in the land of hammered four wooden (or tubular) stake, around which is passed and secured to them the same mesh. Educated fishnet “capacity” is filled with tightly stacked and additionally compacted vegetable waste. In the same way can be used and sales occurring in the metal lattice (4).

Stationary storage of compostOften after the construction of a cottage or a garden small house is a lot not used for building material. If it’s brick — it’s conveniently folded Trammel the fence

with a removable front wall boards inserted between the bars to secure. Boards clean, when you want to ship some of their finished compost. To better pereprava, brick walls leave the Windows-the prospirits to access the compost necessary for the putrefaction of the air.

From the remnants of wooden bars easy to put together slatted compost storage.

It can be two departments: one is already matured from last year laying the compost, ready to eat, and secondly, put fresh vegetable waste for fertilizing future crops for the next agricultural season. End walls of both offices to better put together as a separate grid, so you can remove them when loading the loading operations with the compost.

Version of the drive of the compost with a metal grateStationary storage brickWooden storage compost




The compost basket wicker:

1—branches from shrubs and trees;

2—support pole.


Stationary storage of the compost:

I —reference number (4 PCs.);

2—the wire-netting;

3 —plant waste.


Stationary storage of bricks:

1—wall Windows;

2— the front wall of boards;

3 — bars of the fence of the front wall.


Wooden storage compost:

1—daudelnaya drive;

2 —partition;

3— the end wall (2 PCs.)

4—bars of rallying stenok self-shield.


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