While on vacation in Anapa with a group of tourists during a short-term bus stop near one of the nearby houses saw in the front garden and managed to photograph is my favourite, “a lake with swans”… from tires. Unfortunately, there was no time to get acquainted with the master of the house, or to learn anything about its composition. But a lot (if not all) is clear from the photos.

So the composition is created from used tires. For the production of “swans” it is better to use tyres from cars: they cut easier and the shallow tread they have is reminiscent of the plumage of birds.
Cutting the tire should be in a circle, about two-thirds of a circle and not two, but digressing a little (25 – 30 mm) from “diametral” plane (that is, to make two symmetrical slits). From the middle of the band later formed a long neck with a head and a short tail.
After that, tires should be turn inside out.
Like this elegant long and slender neck gracefully manage to keep your head of these beautiful birds in nature, I do not understand. But the author solved this problem by using thick wire, attaching it to the rubber “neck” with a few wire brackets by putting the tips in the slots of the tread.
To paint “birds” we need paint for the exterior and, of course, white. Although someone more like black swans, but I think in the garden, they will look worse, merging with the landscape.
But for the “ozertsi” you can use bus and trucks. And that they are not much elevated above ground level, they should be cut in a circle at the height of the landing ring, at the same time will provide the best stability. A tire of large diameter to place several “birds”. Paint “lake” it is necessary, of course, the blue paint or in the “celadon”.
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Well, to turn the bird in the fairy-tale “the Swan Princess”, it is enough to cut the crown out of aluminum cans from drinks, leaving one of donyshkom. At the same time the head and cut another, wider, attaching it to the neck of the same bracket, that of the crown. Eyes too can be cut out of pieces of tires.
Maybe a work of art arrangement is not drawn, but the decoration of the garden it is no exaggeration.

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