IN THE GARDENThe combined table that you see in the picture, designed for garden or suburban area. It can be easily disassembled, so it is possible for winter to hide in the barn or under the canopy. It is assembled from two shaped racks connected in the middle and on the edges of the planks with screed laid on top of the countertop. Options stands form shown in the figure. The size depends on thickness of boards, ties.

Please note: the table consists mainly of modules, that is, interchangeable parts. Boards, of which collected top (she’s only at different radii and slits), is the same, a rack and a seat, too. And only the Central Board-tie a little wider.

Modular furniture design allows you to collect from the same set of standardized parts different things. For example, details for our summer to assemble a bed, but if on the countertop to put the slab of particle Board on our table you can also play ping-pong.

Garden Combi-table

Garden Combi-table:

1 — base plate;

2 — panel-lock base (2 PCs.);

3 —Board seats (4 PCs.);
4 — lower center panel-lock base;

5. wedges the Central bar-lock;

6 — top center bar-lock;

7 — Board table tops (6 PCs.)


It does not require any defetsitny materials to make a table, you need furniture Board or particle Board (chipboard) or wood stove, some boards in the thickness 25 — 30 mm, two strips 25x30x50 mm screws.

Ready the table be sure to paint: a table-top and rack — light paint, and benches is dark. If you want to leave natural wood color, cover the table with varnish.

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