To make this easy and convenient truck — an assistant gardener and grower — only need that, and so there are in any country or agriculture. But serve it on any auxiliary works: delivered to the cargo area to flip in the right place, planting material is a ride, with the water cans to go.
Thanks to the Bicycle wheel it the best, compared to car, cross-country, and a removable wall makes it dump when unloading free— flowing materials-sand, humus, earth.

It is collected from the appropriate residues of building materials. The easiest way of course to use plywood, even thin. It can be taken in two layers, bonding them together around the edge with nails in bend, or sticking any glue or old paint Caslano. Such a body easier. But possible and shield the bottom and sides from chipboard or thin boards type of lining, compacted in a single plane on the transverse bars.
Truck-dump truck:
1 — Bicycle wheel; 2— axis (steel, wire); 3 — axis brackets (steel strip); 4— body side (plywood sl2, 987×330); 5 — horizontal connecting parts of the body; 6 —connecting the vertical corners of the body; 7 — Denise body (plywood s 12. 1000×580); 8— trim the ends; 9,12 — edging of boards; 10 — removable wall of the body (plywood si 2, 604×315); 11 — trim removable wall of the body; 13 — handle (steel pipe 1/2″); 14 — bearing (steel pipe 1/2″); 15 stub.
A — mount and the handle to the Board; B— piping and side seam with the bottom; To — trim bottoms

The top and vertical edges of the sides and upper edge of the removable wall of the body for strength edge U-shaped aluminum profile. In the same way reinforced front and rear edges of the bottom. The remaining edges of the boards special gain not require, as the side with the bottom connected with metal angles 30x30x3 mm. Angles are installed and the joints of the boards with a removable wall (with some space from the sides to form grooves for the insertion of the wall). Wall thus appears between the ends of the boards and corners and does not require additional fixing on.
In addition, its upper edges on the ends made in the form of hooks, for connection with parts of the lock.
After the body is assembled, you can begin mounting the chassis. Selected two identical Bicycle wheels (preferably front). If you have a welder, that their axes are butt-welded to a metal rod that acts as a common axis.
If welding is not available, then the wheels sort out the axle bushing, the wheels are placed on a common axis and are fixed with nuts and washers (if the end-Vicky threaded) or locking pins at the ends of the axis. Before attachment of the axle bushing abundantly filled with a thick lubricant (e.g., grease).
The axle is attached to the corners of the body with metal strips, the ends of each of them drilled holes, then strip bivaut axis and are screwed with bolts or at least screws. The axle receiver is chosen so that it was approximately one third of the length of the truck, then the weight on the hands given angular position of the trolley during transportation of the goods will be less.
For the manufacture of a handle and a support truck will fit gas or water pipes. Their U-shaped form may be obtained on a standard pipe bending device or on pre-fabricated wooden template that is the same for the handle and for support. The ends of pipes it is better to drown out the corks or caps.
Before installing on the truck both parts are thoroughly stripped and painted with oil paints (preferably bright colors).
Handle attached to the sides of the truck by bolts, preferably to no less than three, and the ends of the handles went a little further to the attachment axis of the wheels.
The support is fixed on the sides closer to their front edges, also using nuts and bolts out, so the height to set for loading the truck took a horizontal or slightly tilted forward position.

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