In the everyday kitchen, as a rule, plays the role and a dining area for Breakfast and dinner, here, feed the children, because everything is at hand.
But to sit at the table with a big family or numerous guests, preferably in a spacious room. So the dishes need to carry dishes back and forth. In this case it helps the tray. But still better to have a serving table on wheels. Its advantages — for the mobility. * The design proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”, is both simple and original, as it combines the functions and trolleys, and tray.

The basis of the table — the actual truck, consisting of two vertical panels of the racks, connected at the bottom horizontal flange, and the top — two bars-ties. The last is placed a removable tray with two handles that has a bottom rail-stops, fixing his position on the ties.
Under the lower shelf on the sides are two support bars similar to ties. They play a triple role: duplicate ties for greater structural strength; back shelf as ribs; finally, are a kind of side members for mounting the wheels.
Mobile serving table
Mobile serving table:
1 — side panel-front (600×390, s20); 2 panel-tray (480×390, s20); 3 — handle tray (2 PCs); 4 — screed (timber 50×20, L485, 2); 5 — panel-regiment (485×390, s20); 6 — the screw of fastening of the handle of the tray (4 pieces); 7 — limiter tray (rack 20×20, L480,2); 8 — tenon-dowel; 9 — support bar (beam 50×20, L485,2 PCs.); 10 — cotter pin; 11 — wheel, 12 — axis

All wooden parts can be cut from furniture Board or particle Board. Their connection can be any: using plug-in round thorns, nails, screws and glue (carpenter’s, PVA), or combinations of these options with mount furniture metal corners.
In the blanks at the top of the uprights are drilled and expanded horizontal holes that serve as handles; cut down the corners and edges then rounded with a plane or a file with a large notch. Similarly, from the wood to make wheels, and it is better to use metal or plastic from children’s toys or shopping carts. Set the axis you need with so that when driving the truck didn’t scratch the floor and not hurt it lying on the carpet or track.
The most spectacular finish of this serving table — a painting with bright enamel paints after the pre careful surface treatment with sandpaper.

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