Nice in the summer, sitting comfortably on a bench, in a chair, read a book, chat with friends. To protect the resting place from the sun, we offer you to build beautiful and easy “umbrella”: a graceful gazebo.
The design of such sheds can be very different. We consider only two types, the most simple and accessible. The most important feature of the proposed variants — sbornosti. They are easily mounted on summer and fall deal and stacked in the barn, on the veranda.
The first of these gazebos can be called a frame. Its frame consists of aluminum or steel pipes, which are easy to bend and dock. The height and width of the vertical frames and the length of horizontal connecting elements equal to 2000 mm. the Whole carport is assembled from roll-formed (primary) load-bearing elements and direct will paperchem, forming rigid stable structure.
Connecting elements joints bent pieces of framed wood or metal lugs with a length of 100 mm each. They should snugly fit inside the pipe approximate half and fixed through a drilled hole through transverse screws M5 nuts. The same boss can be inserted from both ends of cross-beams: they are long screws passed through openings in the bend regions of the bearing elements.
Elements of a tubular frame canopy.
The tubular elements of the frame of the canopy:
1 — bent part of the strut, 2 — lugs 3 — part video rack, 4 — tee 5 — cross 6 — upper frame, 7 — decorative cord; — modular design of the framework.
If long pipes to get failed, it is permissible to collect a frame made shorter by connecting them with metal pins or tubular inserts, the diameter which is 1 mm smaller than the inner diameter of joined pipes.
The installation of this canopy takes about an hour. On top of the frame is stretched a square piece of fabric size of 2300X2300 mm. the Fabric can be plain or colorful — with bright decorative pattern. It is attached to the pipes with ties or clips (staples). They should be placed in 300-400 mm, driving under them shaped cut-outs along the edges of the fabric.
Below the canopy stood firmly on the ground, you need the lower part of the frame to replace driven into the ground with metal pins. However, to protect the green carpet of grass from trampling the area under the canopy, it is advisable to cover the wooden boards — then the frame can be fastened to them.
Board room area.
Board room facility:
A — shield; B — docking station sites: 1 – shields 2 – connecting rail, 3 – Foundation bolt; The mounting pad.
Each panel will have a square (700X700 mm) — assembled from strips of 100 mm wide and 20 mm thick. the Rails are nailed to the cross bars, spaced from the edge of the shield of 100 mm Between the shields also contact the wooden bars. To this end, the strips and the connecting bars drilled through holes, in which insert the fitting bolts.
In the early summer of shields laid on the ground and combined into a single deck. It put tables, chairs, benches, loungers. The shields can cover dark or discolored varnish in two or three layers. Fall flooring removed and taken indoors.
Another type of canopy truss. Each bearing consists of perforated panels with a height of 2000 mm and a width of 500 mm. They are connected by the card loops. Panel pushing at an angle of 30°, fixed on top of a metal bracket-strut, and feet ready. Assembled from such panels wall farm is attached to the adjacent wooden rail or metal bar pipe.
Truss frame canopy.
Truss frame of the canopy:
1 — vertical bar (40Х50Х2000мм), 2 — cross (40Х50Х500мм), 3 — timber sofa (40Х50Х2000мм), 4 — shield seat sofa (20Х320Х1900мм), 5 — sofa (20Х500Х1900мм), 6 — cosina (25x25mm), 7 — window hinge.
This frame also stretched an awning from a decorative fabric. The size of the canopy (in the background) 200X2000 mm 3000X3000 mm. It also installs on a platform of boards. Panels should be included in the shield retaining pins.
V. STRASHNOV, architect

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