On the merits of a greenhouses can not speak: they become part of the Arsenal collective and individual farms. With the development of horticultural cooperatives such light-transparent structures appear frequently on the sites of 6-8 acres. In most is a homemade stationary design, made of scrap materials. Meet and commercially available cornersburg greenhouses, but to buy them difficult.
Today we offer readers two folding greenhouse to make which everyone can.
There are many prefabricated greenhouses. As a rule, they have impressive size and even unassembled take up much space. Assembling them takes time. In addition, the production of this design on their own is associated with certain difficulties: the acquisition of material, processing of long parts, strengthening the frame. What if instead of one big greenhouse to make several small ones, the installation or cleaning them — a matter of minutes? To make a small greenhouse just for one evening.
The easiest option in appearance, and the device resembles an umbrella or tent type tent. It will require just a few details. The frame is assembled from four inclined rails, which are on hinges attached to the vertical bar. In the upper part there is a eye used as a handle for lifting and carrying the greenhouse. The lower ends of the inclined struts cinch the rope. For this purpose the inner side of fixed rings, through which pass the tie. Outer side to reinforce the same rings for stretch marks — they hold the greenhouse in windy weather. The coating can be run either from a whole piece of film, or from four separate. The film is fastened to the inclined rail plates, and the vertical bars the nails with broad heads. When cording is necessary to consider that stands are summarized. Therefore, in the upper part of the film a little release over the ends of the struts.
General view of the greenhouse-
General view of the greenhouse-“umbrella”:
1 — peg, 2 — tie, 3 — angled slats, 4 — bar, 5 — bar, 6 — film coating, 7 — plate, 8 — stretching. A greenhouse is folded.
Pattern of the film.
The pattern of the film.
Another version of a greenhouse is rectangular in shape and somewhat large size. Outwardly, it resembles a hut, consisting of four rafters, ridge beam and film coating. The rafters attach to the ridge beam hinges, which allows them to fold. Ridge beam folding consists of two beams with a length of 900 mm, connected by a loop. To spontaneously is not formed in the working position, the two parts are additionally recorded by the hook. The lower ends of the rafters, as in the previous construction, the inner side cinch the rope, and with the outer stretched and fixed with pegs.
Foldable greenhouse-tent.
Foldable greenhouse”tent”:
1 — rafter frame, 2 — coatings, 3 — a ridge beam, 4 — pads, 5 — stretching, 6 — hinge, 7 — coupling, 8 — peg, 9 — hook-clip.
Pattern film coating.
The pattern of the coating film.
The scheme of folding of the greenhouse.
The scheme of folding of the greenhouse.
The coating is made of two pieces of film (Mylar or polyethylene). And one (with the folding ridge beam) should be 85 mm more than the other.
N. FEDOTOV, architect

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